Monday, 7 March 2016

Why you should value your ideas

Do we shape ideas or do ideas shape us? Both. Ideas come from other ideas. The best Ideas are the ones that bring value to other people and that disrupt the industry. Don't worry so much about if the idea will generate any money for you, more importantly worry about how it will help better people's lives.

My friend and I were talking about how google is funding the people behind the self driving car. How will this disrupt the industry? We will no longer need taxi's or auto repair shops, since the amount of accidents will be virtually non existent, if everyone was to switch over to the self driving cars. Lives will be saved and not to mention the amount of time saved during commutes people can focus on work and there family's instead of the road. 

I get ideas from the strangest of places at the strangest times. Best thing to do is to be able to record these Ideas. Because what I have found is that good ideas come and go. Something you may think is a really good idea can be interrupted by what your doing and guess what later that day, after your brain has focused on so much else, you forget that great Idea. We have the luxury of having our phones do so much for us. If you have an android phone I suggest to get the S Note app or if you have an I phone then get the Super Note app. Best part is that you don't even have to use your keyboard, you can just speech to text to get your note in. Why is it important to record your ideas? Because you can build on them and improve them to better Ideas.

Although just like knowledge and understanding of knowledge is not good unless you put it into action, same goes for ideas. Don't waste your potential and take initiative when you come up with something brilliant. If you don't feel it is brilliant, don't ask your friends or family for their opinions because most chances are they will laugh at you, and you will not get the support that is needed, this will further discourage you. Instead test the market, and get feedback from the people that this will benefit.

You never know when you will have the next Apple, or Uber, so keep track of what you do come up with in the mean time, and share it with those who will understand and support you no matter how out there the idea maybe. In my future blog I will go through what it takes to come up with great Ideas. You can build your idea muscle just like you can learn science or math. 

To be continued....

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