Saturday, 12 March 2016

Control your behavior not your emtions

I have been having a real struggle lately with my emotions. This is due to the lack of patience on my part. When something out of my control happens I tend to react negatively towards everything. How can I change this? Why can I not control my emotions?

I have read that it is much easier controlling your behaviour than trying to control your emotions. I find this statement to be true because our actions are the outcomes of our thoughts and feelings. But when our feelings are not in line with our goals then we must ignore our feelings. Harder said than done. Quoting Gary Cox "Feelings are like spray paint on rust, they don't last long". 

We are human, and what makes us human is our emotions. We can get upset, sad, and angry. That's how I feel sometimes, 'not always', and this is a key part to remember, how this can change is by realizing that that something that bothers me is what's controlling my emotions. Am I going to let my cat's pee on my carpet control how I feel? It sounds so much more ridiculous when I think about it like this.

This will be a short blog, the point I am trying to make is when you get upset, or angry or sad about something, think is it really you that made you feel this way or is it the external surroundings and other people that are controlling how you feel. Take into consideration that your behavior will affect the people around you, and that your emotions come and go, they will never stay for long, so why let it ruin your day!

Be in control of your mind and your emotions, they are yours, no one else should be able to make you feel any way that you don't agree with.

To be continued....

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