Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How experience always triumphs over empathy

When you don't experience something it is hard to feel how it would be. When I left Israel and came to Canada, I wasn't looking forward to the move because I was going to be leaving my friends, family, and my comfort zone. It was hard to imagine how it would be like. Turns out after the experience and knowing the difference from Canadian life and the life I left behind in Israel, I do not regret it, and I am actually happier given the circumstances. Having this knowledge and explaining it to others is so difficult because they have not experienced it first hand. It is like telling a child to not touch the stove, but the child doesn't understand it until the child experiences the pain. Sure you can read about the turmoil that is happening in other countries, but how can you truly feel what it would be like? Having empathy vs the experience, the experience hands down will always win.

I always tell people to go visit Israel. Would I go back there? I have been back there since my move, and yes I will visit there again. Not just because I have family and friends there but also because of the history and the beautiful scenery. Israel is a beautiful country to visit, but to live there it is not so glamorous. The Israeli army is seen at every corner of every street. There are street patrols, checks at every bank, super market, and mall. Both cars and your purses get checked before walking into any large or medium sized establishment. The privacy is limited and the security is high. I remember going into the bomb shelter on a nightly basis. Me and my sister would go into a bubble until I was old enough to wear a gas mask. Then I did not know the difference and thought it was normal. After living in Canada and I tell my friends here about it, I can tell by their reactions that it certainly is not something someone should endure. Protecting the people is number one priority, as it should be in every country.

When someone tells you something or you read about something imagining what it would be like maybe hard, I know it is for me. So if it is not to dangerous, of course, go out and experience it for yourself. Not only do you gain a better understanding of what those people were telling you, but also you will grow from the experience and your perception will change.

To be continued....

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