Saturday, 26 March 2016

Why is a perfect question to start with

Why am I going to school? Am I doing it for myself or for someone else? Will I not be successful if I do not go to school? 

My grandparents, who are no longer with us, have encouraged me to take higher level education (university). In 2003 I graduated from highschool and was working various jobs, landscaping, contracting, and making a fairly decent pay. I did not see how more school was going to make me more money. That was my motivation, money. Although with their health deteriorating due to cancer I felt I would let them down if I did not pursue further education, and i'll explain why besides the obvious.

Both my parents have obtained their bachelor degrees in the country I was born in, Lithuania. My grandparents felt it was not only essential but it was critical in obtaining my university degree. With them living in Israel and me living in Canada they felt that if I was going to be 'successful' and be able to live a financially free life that without that degree I would end up broke and be working a minimum wage job. Like all grandparents they want the best for their grandchildren and not only the best but better than what they went through in life. 

However what was not transparent to them, and to many high schoolers is that this degree in which our society deems so important is that not only will you place yourself in massive debt (there is a business to get into, lending money to students). If you are lucky enough you will get a middle class job, a form of temporary work with little or no guarantee of continued employment. Until the next wave of educators push you out of your position. Most likely it will take you several years to pay your student loans, and certainly not get you very far at all especially with the lack of education on how to manage your finances and prepare you for the real world. 

Schools are great at teaching us subjects that we cannot use in the real world 

What have you gained from a math or calculus class? Or your biology class, dissecting rats???
Why can't schools teach us things we should know and are useful instead of us having to educate ourselves through real world experience.

Yes there is that option to go into trade school, which my best friend is doing. Yes it pays good money, but like everything, it is extremely hard work, long hours, and he sacrifices his memories and time in a remote location away from his family and friends. Yes you will have to do this in anything that you want to be really good at. However my approach to it is a little different than his, and not everyone wants the same result, that is what makes us unique.

My parents took a big part in me going to university, with the same mindset of my grandparents. "You will get nowhere in life doing what you do, if you don't go to school". So I decided it was the "right" thing to do. I enrolled in school. Like many of us, we work and go to school, time is ticking. I completed my certificate in Business Management and thought might as well continue on to get my diploma. Well work became a bigger priority in my life than school did and after completing my certificate I really did not see any value in this. So I put school on hold.

As time went on and I became more and more financially secure by working smart and investing money I had saved through the various jobs into new ventures. I learned that being at the right place at the right time and meeting the right people is essential for growth and success. Is it about who you know, or what you know? Its both!

Inspiration comes in bundles, and I must say that I got inspired when I seen my girlfriend get her bachelor's degree and now on a pursuit to get her masters. She plays a major role in my life and has taught me the values of why school is important, the things I would not easily pick up on. She says "not only does it teach you discipline but also it gives you a different perspective and outlook on problem solving, it may even teach you things you could use in your business" . Of course with those words of fortitude from her and her scholarly dad I decided it was time to go back to finish what I had started.

When applying for my first two classes after I had taken sometime off I was back at that place where I was when I decided school was not for me. I sat there and thought to myself why am I doing this? So I dropped out of those two classes. I then had a short conversation with my girlfriends dad and we both agreed that I should take something that I enjoy in school. So I took a chance on taking the class of which I am almost done now and it gave me a new outlook on what to pursue in school.

The teacher in this class was highly informative and supported my decision to take a different route in which degree to pursue.

Do I need this degree? No!!! I want this degree because it potentially can open new doors of opportunity for me. It is sad that society's norm is to judge your credentials before they look at you as an individual. However success in business speaks loud and clear. I am not looking for a job, I create jobs for people . Like my friend said "we want a business not a job".

So I think I covered the pro's and con's of why school is good. If you didn't catch that then read through this post again. If you did understand it then let me tell you what all this means. I am going to school because I want to challenge myself. I am not doing it to get a higher paying job, or a job period.

Go to school because you want to, not because you are told to. Why do you need to impress anyone? Are you getting the growth and enjoyment you are there for?

I want to leave you with one last note. School never taught me how to make my money work for me, to compound my earnings, and that bringing value to others is what it is all about (more on this later).

To be continued....

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