Monday, 21 March 2016

What comes naturally to you may not come naturally to others.

Why do we do nice things for others? Do we do them because we feel bad? Do we do them because someone else has done something nice for us? Do we do it for recognition?

I personally feel that you should do nice things for others not in return for something or reciprocating back for someone else's nice gesture. It should come from your heart for wanting to do it just because. I have said before that doing something nice for someone is like a ripple effect, and it also raises serotonin levels in you and the person you are doing it for.

Studies have shown that when waitresses go above and beyond in a restaurant the customers will feel obligated to leave a larger tip. Why is that? I suppose an easy answer would be it is human nature. If we looked deeper into this we can think back into the cave man era. When the men would go hunting and bring back food for the family, the family would do everything they can to make sure the men are looked after in their home because without the food the family would starve and be malnourished.

Now fast forward to the modern era, what does that have to do with what is happening now? Woman take care of themselves just like men do, there is no dependency. However our instinct remains to give back to someone who has given to you. Is everyone hardwired like this? Certainly not. Greed and selfishness plays a big role in our society as a whole. If we were all nice to each other you could almost consider it a utopia, but in reality if no one competed then would we be this advanced as a human race? Probably not. We need selfishness and greed, just like we need to be selfless and giving, it is in our innate capacity. Giving when no one has done anything for you or expecting anything in return is not easy, especially the busy lives that we live. What you can do is build your habit to give. Doing something daily or weekly it will come naturally to you after a great deal of practice.

Like my girlfriend tells me, everything should be in moderation. However giving does not come naturally, giving back to someone that gave to you does. So I challenge you for the next week to give for no reason at all, whether it be opening a door for someone, or paying for someone's coffee. Do something nice for someone else. Doesn't have to be a stranger, although it would be unexpected and rewarding for both of you.

If you are feeling BOLD Email, Tweet, Facebook, me and let me know what you did for someone else and (optional) how it made you feel, or feel free to leave a comment below so others can see it too.

To be continued....

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