Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My Story

Who am I? I am a entrepreneur who wants to inspire others to bring out there talent and become business leaders. I was born in Lithuania, and I was raised by my grandparents and parents in Israel. We have been moving from country to country due to the government in place. A month after moving from Israel the prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. Moving to Canada has been a blessing despite leaving all my friends, my grandparents and relatives. It was a new beginning for me and my family. At first it wasn't easy adapting, coming from a different culture and background acceptance was the hardest part. Don't take the path of least resistance. Most of us are programmed this way, to stay safe and stop when obstacles come our way. You will never get to the pinnacle of success this way. Be grateful for what you have otherwise you will never find what your searching for. At first it was hard to visualize that I would become who I am today, a multiple business leader/owner, building a system in which I collect residual income. Going the extra mile, becoming a philanthropist by building a givers group and giving back to the community. I am grateful for my parents bringing me to Canada and I am grateful for every event in my life. Not all events in my life I am proud of, but they have shaped me to who I am today. My best friend said to me you want a business not a job. If it's a business that you have to continually work in it becomes your job. You want a system were you spend less time and earn big rewards. To get to this stage you will at first need to work hard through the pain to make it a lasting success. Don't give up when the going gets tough. You can always make and lose money, you can never make time. So prioritize and spend the time as if it is your last year,month,week,day,minute,second on this planet. Say F**k no if whatever your doing or about to do is not worth your time and it will not move you forward, ask your self why am I doing what I am doing. If the answer does not align with your values and your dreams stop doing it. Are you letting money control you? or are you in control? How do you know if your moving forward?

To be continued...

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Think like a consumer. When your running a business or in a relationship always put yourself in the other persons shoes. It is extremely difficult for some people to do this, like myself for example. It does not mean that your selfish or something is wrong with you, but if you have not been taught this skill it will take time to learn. This is being empathetic, sharing the other person's feelings. Once you have mastered this skill then you will have common ground to be able to build rapport with that person. Establishing rapport is crucial to building trust. There is a fantastic novel by Lena Sisco "You're Lying" she explains very systematically on how to build rapport through her interrogations with terrorist detainees. How does this apply to everyday life, well if you cannot establish rapport and build trust then you will not be able to sell anything to your prospect. We all sell whether you are a husband, wife, child, girlfriend, boyfriend, employee, manager, etc... We all sell our ideas to others, whether it is asking to go to a movie, to buy an ice cream or to have an employee complete there task. Last blog I left with a question on how do I measure my success. I measure my success by looking in the past and looking at my relationships and my businesses and comparing to where I am today. I feel very strongly that I am heading into the right direction with my skills, talent, and the ability to learn, adapt and grow each and everyday. Before I was very negative and could not understand why I could not get ahead. Today that is something I no longer struggle with and I am making leaps and bounds financially, emotionally, and physically. Maintaining a strong mindset being positive and mastering the art of learning I am able to prosper and grow. Dream big, don't do anything you don't want to do because we have very little time on this planet and using the time doing things you don't want to do makes no sense to you. If you can be the master of your life you will be the master of your business and those around you.  I leave you with that thought and next blog I will share on how to think and what to do to be a successful entrepreneur.

To be continued....

Friday, 13 November 2015


Life teaches us lessons, it is our choice whether we learn, and be aware of the teachings or ignore and repeat the lessons. We all learn differently, be conscious of how you learn best, if it is visually, auditory or by doing (kinesthetically), and be sure to use this to your advantage. The most important thing to remember is to be fully aware. Its also not about what your doing its how you think about what your doing. What you focus on is what you attract, this is simple to understand, if you focus on the negative that is what you will attract in your life and in your business. The same holds true to the opposite, focus on the positive and opportunity's in your life and your business will emerge. For anything to change you must change first. Why I am inspired to write these blogs is to express my views and opinions publicly, and to change peoples mindset and lives after reading the blogs. Writing these blogs gives me a sense of accomplishment by empowering the reader. If you ask quality questions you will get quality answers, be aware of the questions you ask, If your not getting the answers you want, your not asking the right questions. Always ask WHY, to get a deeper answer and awareness. Great read by Simon Sinek is Start with Why. How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. He goes to say, "there are two kinds of leaders, authoritative kind and inspirational". The authoritative will tell you what to do and the inspirational will guide you and prompt you to want to do it. I strive to be the latter. One person or event has the power to change the direction the individual is taking, it is up to the individual to want to change and to go down that road. One must realize that it will take hard work and many steps, multiple experiences to achieve greatness, and to better oneself. Do you get things done or are you a procrastinator? I used to be the latter, and its not hard getting things done, the hardest part is starting. Even if you took one thing out of my blogs to better yourself, your mind will change and that will change your life. Is what I am saying true? Why should you believe me? I was caught in a loop, and it took some realization and awareness to get out of the loop and to improve my life and the people around me. Now I realize the impact the awareness has on me and I see dramatic changes in my businesses and my personal life. How do I measure that success?

To be continued....

Monday, 9 November 2015

Inspired knowledge

If your looking for what you want to find you will eventually find it. The power is within you. Everyone has an agenda, what is yours? Mine is to change the individual mindset to grow prosperous beyond their imagination, this gives me the ultimate satisfaction. Knowing I can give back with what I learn to those who want to learn. If someone was to ask what I do I would tell them I help and support peoples talents and bring them out into the world of  business as well I am also a student and eager to learn life's and business's lessons. Growing the people around you will eventually enhance your growth. The imagination is a limitless place of creativity. However the external environment affects us and limits our possibility's. We get to stuck in our box, and we only see things as they are not as they can be. To be an amazing entrepreneur you must have common sense and urgency. What my beautiful and smart girlfriend (soon to be fiance) has taught me is to question everything. Anything you come across or anyone you must ask your self WHY? Why did this event happen to me, Why are these people interested in me. Look at both the positives and negatives. As I am writing this I am also reading a fantastic novel called the Third Vision by Dr Francis Vala and he states that there's two things we do in life and that is avoid pain or pursue pleasure. Which do you do in your daily life?
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To be continued....

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The choice of a positive attitude

Success and failure are our own perception. We view it the way we want to view it, others may view it differently. If your concerned about how others view this then it will be a struggle for yourself to move forward in life and in business. Some may consider the smallest of wins to be a successes's others can see this as a failures until something larger has been accomplished. Recognize your own perception of this, be consciously aware. If you pay attention to things you usually don't you will see things you usually don't see. Everyone has the power of choice, what is your choice? How do you see the truth? You are the creator with what you feel and think you create your life. You can change your life by creating new thoughts and feelings. You can't take action without thinking first. To be a successful entrepreneur and to reach your highest potential in life you must have a positive mental attitude. Attitude is the most important aspect, it will determine your outcome/results. Other aspects include having a sense of urgency to act immediately. Imagination by being creative. Having laser focus on the task at hand without any distractions and logic. If one lacks any of these traits that person is not a true entrepreneur. What inspired me to write these blogs is by reading other blogs and seeing how successful in my opinion they have been to attract many readers all over the world, by giving them useful content to read. I would like to do the same so I acted with urgency, focus, creativity and logic to share my knowledge and experience as a successful entrepreneur, and to change other people's lives. Reading what people have done in the past is a great way to learn and avoid the mistakes others have made. What motivates me to wake up every morning is knowing that I can challenge myself to learn and to be closer to my dreams and to inspire and motivate others to do the same. We will talk more about this in my later blogs, My question to you the reader is what motivates you to wake up every morning to do the tasks that you are destined to do? Remember we all have the power of choice. We don't have to do anything, we choose to do everything.

To be continued...