Saturday, 12 March 2016

What do you spend your time on?

What motivates you? What makes you wake up early and stay up late?

For me it is knowing that I will learn something new, bring value to others, make a difference, take care of my loved ones, and I guess I just hate sleeping in. Knowing that the time I am in bed sleeping I could be doing something productive (notice how I didn't say because I have to work). The important thing to understand is that motivation should not come from your environment or external factors, it should be coming from within you. If it does not come from within you then something must change, and that something is YOU.

I just read an article by Mark Manson. He says to look at the cognitive principles behind the activity's that enthral you. What are you good at and how can you apply this elsewhere. Well I feel I spend a great deal of time reading books, blogs, lectures, I am involved in physical activities, gym, soccer, basketball. I volunteer with charity organization, and also work on my own philanthropic group. I am competitive yet humble. I feel I can be more productive than I already am. By reflecting on what you do and how you spend your time you should be able to recognize what is a time waster and what is not.

Having fun is a priority. There is a difference in having constructive fun vs. destructive fun. I gave up drinking, watching senseless T.V., reading the news. I have fun by learning and observing, by appreciating what I have and enjoying the time with the people I spend it with.

How do you spend your time? What are the 20 percent of activities that you do that amount to 80 percent of productivity? Or what are the 80 percent of activities that you do that amount to 20 percent of productivity? Are you a time waster? Or are you anxious to get s#*! done?!

To be continued....

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