Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Stop being a procrastinator

It is taking me sometime to build a website that I believe would be suitable for my needs so bare with me here. The new site will be KARASINTII where I will be posting daily blogs as well promoting all my businesses and projects that I am apart of.

What do you hate doing? How can you convert it into something you love?

As you heard me say before, we are habitual creatures and we like routines. The rare few like spontaneity. I speak from experience, so if you are one of those rare few I admire you. What routines do you already have that you go into autopilot mode? When you wake up what do you do instinctively? Do you brush your teeth? Do you drink a glass of water? Do you check your phone? By the way the last one is not only a habit but it is an addiction to many people, this I will discuss another time. So where am I going with this by asking you these questions. Well because we get used to routines, there is somethings that we just do not like doing, maybe it is taking the trash out, cleaning the house, making meals, or making those tough calls to people you just don't want to talk to but you need to. Yes I am referring to all you procrastinators. I once to was a procrastinator, and on somethings I suppose still am.

One thing I learned from experience and from reading Brian Tracy is that you must eat that frog. What does this mean? Something you need to do but don't want to should be done first thing when you open your eyes or as soon as you are allowed to do it, like making that call. This takes practice and discipline. Like all habits it will take time to adjust to Eat That Frog. Like all habits if you have a reward this will become much easier to do. Mix what you love doing with what you hate, with time it will turn into something you don't mind doing.

For example I was reluctant to make meals before and I would be a regular at some eat out places. How did this change for me? It was a slow start especially when I used to have food cooked for me all the time. Things change and so did I. What brings me enjoyment now in cooking is knowing that I will be pleasing someone else in return, this is my reward making someone else satisfied, and not to mention filling my ego. 

So whatever you don't like doing think of the bigger picture. What will happen if you accomplish that task. If you feel it won't do anything larger than the minimal task, then think of what it won't do for you, trivial I know. Like if you don't take out the trash you will live in a filthy mess, or if you don't make that important call, eventually you will have missed out on a potential opportunity.

Build your habit of doing things you don't enjoy doing, soon enough you will be on autopilot and before you know it the task that you once dreaded is now complete.

To be continued....

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