Sunday, 6 March 2016

How do you give back?

We are so fortunate, and we take that for granted.

I got the honor of meeting an amazing group of people yesterday. I decided to volunteer for the charity called Blind Beginnings. This was truly so inspiring to see these children have so much courage and intelligence. This particular group of kids are part of the juniors explorers club. We did a drama activity that involved acting and improvising, which was hosted also by a former blind beginnings director.

Do we blindly live our lives without realizing the great gifts that we have?

I think we do, I think most of us live in a world full of distraction. Not truly appreciating what we have, not just material things but also our health and things that money cant buy. Majority of us don't really know until this fortune is taken away from us.

Sight is the primary sense involved in learning. Do people who are visually impaired have more acute senses, such as touch, feel or smell? No. That is a myth. What I realized is that people who are visually impaired pay attention to there other senses a lot more then we do. Can we pay attention to our other senses? Of course.

When two handyman came in, the child who was sitting next to me got frightened. Can u imagine if it was dark at all times and all you heard was noises? That would be a scary feeling. Was I scared no, but I could feel how scared this child was.

Awareness brings us hope.

A friend of mine insist that he comes to the next volunteer position, he asked why I did not post it in the Givers Group. We will be posting future volunteer events for everyone who is interested in contributing to a greater cause. Even if you don't live in the area you could do something that will impact the lives of people who need it. You can make a difference. I know I did just by showing up and participating.

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