Saturday, 19 March 2016

How to formulate a compelling story

Compelling stories sell! Have you ever wondered why you are loyal to certain brands, or why you care about something so much that you want to share it with everyone. 

Usually it's because there is a story behind it. A story so powerful that it makes the product or service remarkable. Lets look at some of these stories to get a better understanding of how they are formulated.

TOMS shoes started with Blake Mycoskie travelling to Argentina to lose himself in the culture. He met a woman at a cafe who was volunteering to do a shoe drive for children who were in desperate need of shoes. To him this concept was new. So when he came back to America, already having entrepreneurship under his belt he decided instead of creating a non for profit charity and collecting donations for shoes that possibly won't even fit the children in need to instead make a for profit business out of it and when someone would buy a pair of shoes the company would buy another pair to fit a child that needs it across the globe.

Apple was co-created by young visionary, Steve Jobs, who seen a potential treasure that no one else saw. He started out with Steve wozniak in his parents garage building computers which later became a multi billion dollar company. Majority of people in the world have or know someone who has an apple product. A great deal of tech companies start out in people's garages instead of big fancy tech companies.

IKEA founded in sweden by Ingvar Kamprad to create a better and simpler life for people worldwide. This coming from a country which is all about high price and quality. His vision aligned perfectly with his goals and he created a global furniture company, affordable with beautiful design.

How do you create these stories? 

Well the first thing you need to do is to Start With Why. Why did you start your business? I am sure there is a story behind that, and if you think on a deeper level you will get to the root cause of the why. Everyone has a why but not everyone knows how to communicate their why. So next step is communicating your why to others inside and outside your organization. It must be told with passion and it needs to be impactful/compelling, how you tell your story matters! How does your story align with your values, and what kind of difference are you making?

You want a story that sells itself. You don't want to ask people to do something, instead you want people to want to do it themselves without being asked. That is what a good story does.

By answering the questions above, and learning how others have done it, you are on your way to formulating a story which you already possess, and I promise you that you will change the course of your business.

If you don't know how to formulate a compelling story. Hire someone that does. This can take you from being mediocre to being at the top of your industry.

Your story matters.

To be continued....

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