Sunday, 20 March 2016

"I look up to you"

Has anyone ever told you that they look up to you?

It feels good, and awkward all at the same time. I guess it also depends on who is saying it. I had a friend who I have not known for very long tell me that, and I felt humbled yet speechless. What do you say back?

Starting with a thank you. Than I  asked myself why did he say what he said. I mean I have only been friends with him for about 1 year. We were introduced through our girlfriends. He is younger than I am by a few years, yet he has a maturity level that's larger than some of my friends.

So why did he say those 5 unpretentious words to me? Going by assumption on this one, It is possible that what I did on my birthday, hosting a party and being selfless instead of collecting presents from my friends we donated to a good cause, might have been a factor. Maybe the fact that I am older than he is, that's possible. Is it because we share a great deal of commonalities and that we both play on the same basketball team, I suppose it could be, or that I have been in my relationship longer with my girlfriend than he has with his. I do not know what prompt him to say it.

The easiest way to find out is to just ask, being modest on this one is a bit hard because I don't want to come off egotistical. I suppose I have that influence over some people, probably more people than I think. My closer friends would feel embarrassed as I would to say that "I look up to you". They would probably ask what kind of drugs am I on. It is being a bigger person on this one and a ascent in your maturity level to be able to come out and say that. I have said it to people who are older than I am, and it feels liberating. Try it, I encourage you, say it to someone you mean it to. It could change your relationship with that person if the person had no idea they had that influence over you.

To be continued....

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