Friday, 4 March 2016

What are easy solutions to interrupting quality time?

Do you feel sometimes like you are embarrassed to tell someone what your doing? Should you stop doing that something?

Well it depends on how much does it mean to you? Does it conflict with your morals and values?

I enjoy blogging, it is something I am proud of, it is a great way to reflect for me, putting out some ideas that I learn daily. When an idea comes to mind I want to write about it before it goes away. So I jump on my laptop and start writing. I know it is also important to spend quality time with the person you love and live with. So when I was asked what am I doing, knowing full well that interruption to quality time is restricted unless it is something that cannot wait, and I feel like it cannot wait all the time. How should I respond when I get back to spending quality time?

Well of course the first question to come is "what was so important that couldn't wait, when you said you are done working?" Sometimes I feel like I just want to scream and say that I was working, but all the time it is the wrong answer. Lying is not the answer here either. What is the solution?

I think being honest and taking the consequence of that person being hurt might be one of the routes to take, or does a white lie solve the issue here?

The best solution is to say to the person that you are going to do something that is important to you and they may not see it as such, and that you will get back to them in 5 minutes or however long you think it will take. Remember from my last blog that you should always under promise and over deliver. Letting that person know before you get up and do something will make it seem to them like they are important and not the task you are about to do.

To be continued....

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