Thursday, 17 March 2016

Who has influenced you?

The secret to success is sincerity. What is a mentor? By definition it is a experienced and trusted advisor.

Today I had an interview with the Big Brother Society. What an experience that was, an hour interview turned into 2 hours and the questions that they ask me where so good. It definitely impressed me with their vigorous process. I really appreciate how much they care and how careful they are selecting the right fit for a little (that's what they call the little brothers). If you don't already know this program is for youth/children who want to have a mentor in their life and don't already have one.

What struck me is that the coordinator made it seems that the program is only for children who either don't have a male role model because of losing one, or the male role model is away. Why should this program only be for children who don't have a male role model? I raised this point with the coordinator who was interviewing me, and I don't think she understood really what I meant by that, by having a mentor even though you have a male presence in your life.

I believe that this program should be offered to children not just who are in need of a male role model, or I mean they don't have a male role model, but it should be offered to everybody, because I feel like I could have used a mentor when I was growing up. 

Yes my dad and is still in my life, my parents are together, and I have a sister but I could have learned and developed a great deal by having a mentor at a young age that was outside my family, that would bring a fresh perspective in my life, and not a biased one. We all look up to someone whether it is a celebrity or a superhero. Working with someone personally, you learn so much and grow exponentially. Someone who you can share experiences with, and like I said in my earlier posts, experience triumphs empathy. I always believed in the mentor mentor mentality, where each person can grow and learn from each other.  

I'm excited to meet my little brother who I will be mentoring for the next year and hopefully longer. Who I can impact and empower positively. I encourage you the reader too also recognize who you've been a mentor to and to reflect on what have you learned from the person you have mentored.

Every single one of us has been a mentor to someone. It could be someone younger or older than you. You could be doing it right now and not even realize it. Think deeply, who do you have influence over and why? And who has influence over you. There's no contract to sign or any verbal agreement, you just do it naturally, authentically, passionately, and for the right reasons.

I have mentors in my life and I don't even think they know it. They share their genuine advice that is indispensable, their very caring, and I feel comfortable being vulnerable, sharing anything that I have to say. I think the important thing is that our values are aligned for this to be able to work between each other. In my later posts I will talk more about who the mentors in my life are, for now I want to leave you with this thought. Who is your mentor? recognize it and think about what you offer to that person in terms of you being a mentor back to them.

To be continued....

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