Saturday, 5 March 2016

What super power do you want?

Superheros! My ideal super powers would be, mind reading, teleportation, time travel, and regenerative ability. Imagine if there was a pill you can take and you possess whatever superpower you want.

Why do I choose these powers?

Mind reading will get me anything I ever want in life. They say that the best sales man are mind readers, well actually they just learned the art of sale. Yes there is an art to it, and yes we are all in sales. Daniel H. Pink said it best in his book To Sell Is Human we sell not just objects but ideas and techniques as well. He calls it the non sales selling. So going back to why I want to be a mind reader. Well because then I will always know the right thing to say to the person I am speaking to. By building this rapport you are unstoppable.

Teleportation gives me the ability to never be late to anything and to actually save time on travelling. Time is the most precious commodity we have. There is no getting time back, there is only wasting time. Yes if your are being productive it is not wasting time, but if you can do something different that is also productive in that time then it feels like the time was wasted. We spend a great deal of time travelling.

When I day dream I always wonder if I traveled back in time and brought back ideas from the present how would I impact the world, would we advance faster as a civilization. Same goes for future travel, bringing back ideas to the present from the future. Ideas are built on ideas, how would our lives change if the course of history changes?

Well we always hear of the fountain of youth in fables and in movies. I would like to have regenerative ability's so I will never be sick and never age. This can be a double edged sword, because when the people around you grow old, you soon stop having things in common with those people, but you will also live a life where you are fully able to experience life without any disabilities.

What super powers would you like to have, if any?

I would love to hear about it. You can leave a comment and I will read it promptly.

To be continued....

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