Thursday, 17 March 2016

I hope you don't go through what I am going through

Saying goodbye to my pet is the hardest thing I have ever endured.

People are very interesting it is amazing to see how judging someone's character over the phone as opposed to in person is so much different. I'm going through a tough process right now deciding on who will adopt my pet. I want to find the perfect home the most ideal owner, so I put out an ad on Kijiji, it is a platform for people to trade. It is not easy doing this, it is my first time, and meeting these people I automatically have an intuition after the first 30 seconds I meet them, if it is something that's going to work or not going to work. Of course the nice guy that I am  it's hard for me to just turn around and say no forget it I don't like you. I give them the benefit of the doubt. In most cases it seems to turn out that giving them the benefit of the doubt is just wasting my time.

It is also amazing as to when you let the people do the talking as to how much information you actually get from them instead of asking questions. When I ask questions I don't even hear the answers to those questions instead I let them talk and I listen and I judge. Yes I judge and so would you!

It is not easy but after meeting and listening to a lot of people I'm starting to get the hang of who is being genuine by the type of things they say. You would think to yourself yeah that would be a good owner, do I particularly have a checklist? Not necessarily, but you quickly pick up things by listening between the lines and when somebody says one thing that you would not agree with or something that just doesn't seem right you automatically make your mind up about that person.

One lady was trying to hide from me that she had another dog and her friend came over and after had revealed to me that not only did she have another dog but that she gave away her other dog that she had because it was too needy, and she thinks that she's the perfect candidate. Some people are delusional! 

I think I may have found a good home for my pet I'm still going to do my background due diligence.

Ten things to look for when you are looking for an adoptee. I had called some rescue places, I have done some research and through the experience that I am going through, this is what I came across:

1. Ask for their vet reference (red flag is they have not owned a pet in the past) 

2. Ask for two personal references (even better if they have the friend right there at the same time, to reveal all there is to know without any script)

3. Go to their residence and see how they're living. You can tell a lot by a person's lifestyle. Are they organized or are they messy?

4. What kind of history do they have, Stable or unstable?

5. Intuition! What is your gut feeling when you first meet them, you can judge a character usually in the first 15 seconds of meeting them. You just need to learn to listen to yourself.

6. Social media, you can find everything on social media about that person or simply google them. (thank you internet) 

7. Jobs, how long will they be away from home? What do they do for work?

8. Do they own their house or rent, and how long have they been there for, and are they planning on moving anywhere?

9. Will your pet be inside or outside?

10. Will you be allowed to visit your pet occasionaly? (red flag if not, that usually means there is something to hide)

Optional. Criminal record check. 

Familiarity breeds comfort, when you meet somebody that shares the same interests as you you seem to feel a bit more confident in them. Be cautious, be wise and I hope you never have to go through what I'm going through because it is not easy.

To be continued....

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