Thursday, 24 March 2016

Do your feelings come first?

I know I am passionate about something when I can't stop thinking about it, day and night, I am driven.

I work so much harder and to me it does not seem like work. I love what I do, not so much the people I do it with. I feel there is a gap that needs to be filled. Choosing the right people is not as easy as it sounds. I am a multi-preneur which means that I own several businesses with several partners. What I have learned is to adapt and to ignore my feelings because changing someone will never work. Changing your attitude towards it works 100% of the time. Why would you let someone else control your emotions. Believe me I have struggled with this for a long time until I learned to ignore my feelings. If you think about it like a triangle - thoughts, feelings, and actions, when you change any one of those you get a different result. You want your feelings to always come last.

Don't get me wrong I do have some partners who I enjoy working with. 

Who do you have in your life who you just do not get along with but you must for a reason that only you can answer. Best thing you can do is ignore your feelings about that individual and look at the whole picture. Are you miserable because that individual is making you miserable, now think about this real good, or are you miserable because you yourself make you miserable?

Going back to the start of this post, passion looks beyond the obstacles, and makes your work effortless. How do you know it is 'passion' it is when your so driven at completing something that you always find a way around any obstacle that comes in between you and the accomplishment of the task.

So how does passion and being in control of your emotions tie together? Passion is a purpose and when that purpose is achieved you are happy, relaxed, appreciative, and you will feel love towards the accomplishment.

Making these posts gives me that sense of accomplishment, although it is tiresome, tedious, and sometimes frightening because I wonder the response that I would get from the audience reading it, so I ignore those feelings and think about what I am going to write and I go ahead and do it, let the feelings come last.

This is the same process that goes to the work that I do with my partners in my businesses.

To be continued....

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