Saturday, 19 March 2016

Top 4 books on my reading list

In this post I will write about books that have had a lasting impact on my life. I don't want to bore you and write about every single book, so I chose 4 of the most important ones that I think you should also give a read.

Will start with the first and most important book, Hyena written by Rude Jude Angelini. He is formally known as that guy that used to make fun of everyone on the Jenny Jones show. Now he is a celebrity at the xm sirius radio on channel 45 with the All Out Show. He inspired me to read my first book ever and this began an escalation in my reading career. I believe everything happens for a reason. This book was so inspiring in the fact that Jude published the book on his own and promoted it on the radio show. At the time I used to listen to the show on my drives and I had a good laugh every time I heard his voice. He is carefree and right to the point, all bullshit aside, his a funny guy by being honest and himself. So I gave his book a shot and it has literally turned me from never reading a book to now reading 3 books a week, go figure. This book is comprised of short biographical stories of Jude's life. Some of the stories are laugh out loud funny some are meh. However this encouraged me to go on a path I would have never imagined myself going. By the way this read also inspired me to start writing these blogs, and recording my daily life activities and thoughts.

Second book that I will talk about, and it was hard to decide amongst the books which were important, but it also happens that the books I am mentioning are in chronological order of reading them. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. I read this book while I was travelling in Thailand. Very appropriate considering I was amongst buddhist monks and temples. This book was so powerful that I was pushing it on all my friends who I thought could really benefit from this read. It has really impactful tools that the author uses to relay to the reader by communicating the story about a high end executive who sold everything and became a monk. It still resonates with me today the implementations from the book. For examples practicing mindfulness and appreciating everything in your life. Such simple things that we all take for granted always can change your life to living healthy and happy by being aware.

Going down the list the third book, and this came a bit later in my readings, is by Simon Sinek, Start With Why. I have talked about this book on my instagram page (@redesignyourfuture) as well as in my earlier blog posts. This read came to me at first via summary notes from my co-founder in my philanthropy project Givers Group. He suggested to read this and I began applying the concept immediately in everything in my life. Start With Why is written to not just entrepreneurs but to everyone that wants a deeper understanding of the work they do and the life they live. The concept is simple yet complex. He asks you to not just think about how or what you do because those two questions are easy to answer, he advises to ask yourself why you do what you do. I see this now in many people in the community who are starting to realize the power behind the WHY. In fact since I have been applying this in my life, people approach me who understand this and we connect like you would with someone who you meet in a different country while you are travelling who happens to be from the same city as you live in, having that commonality. If you know how to communicate your why your business or whatever it is you do in your life will have such a stronger impact on the people you are communicating the message to.

Last but most certainly not least, from a thought provoking author, Malcolm Gladwell. One of my favorite authors, has written many books, and I love each and everyone of them, so it is very hard to choose just one. He also has a term nicknamed after his followers, gladwellian. I think if you read Outliers it might push you to read all the books in his series. They are very psychological in nature, but don't let this discourage you from reading the rest of his books or Outliers. I love his writing style, I feel his messages are important. I chose this book because it was my first read. A friend of mine who runs a leadership program in Vancouver suggested the book. I was mesmerized by the read. He goes to say what luck is and how the most influential and successful people have become successful. It matters where they are born, at what decade, what they do and who they know, basically being at the right place at the right time doing the right things. He also suggests that there is a 10,000 hour rule. That if you deliberately practice for that long at something that you will become a master at whatever you practice.

Of course you know that I always like throwing in bonus material and surprising you with more content. One more book I will mention is written by Daniel H. Pink, Drive. The author uses great examples and explains that motivation does not come from just the income you earn. Once you earn over 70k income, the income no longer serves as the motivator in what you do. I will leave it at that, find out more by reading his book and you will be surprised as I was, You can also check out his Ted Talk, it sums it up in 18 minutes.

It is amazing how one book can lead to many others. Every book I read authors usually mention books they have gotten the concepts from for their book. I have began a reading list and I am constantly adding to the list more than I am able to erase off the list. Hope this inspires you to read, get past the first chapter, apply the speed reading approach that I suggested in my earlier post, and most importantly enjoy, learn, and teach! The best way to learn is by teaching others, you truly find out what you have learned and it sticks.

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