Friday, 11 March 2016

How being cool is not so cool

Taking my dad's car when I first got my driver's license. I should say stealing because it wasn't discussed prior to me taking the car that I was allowed to take it, and besides I didn't have my full license then, just a learner's. Which means I had to be accompanied by someone who is older and has a license. Why did I do it? I was young, it felt exciting, I wanted to make my friends happy, I wanted to challenge authority and be a rebel (the cool kid), I wanted to fit in. I can go on and on with the list of reasons why. The most important thing is that what I did was wrong and acknowledging that is taking responsibility.


My friend and I would meet when both my parents would go to bed and we would put my dad's blue chevrolet four door sedan into neutral and roll the car down the street until we got to the corner of the street. Then we would hop in and drive it over to my friends house who lived 2 city's away (20 minute drive). I got a great deal of experience in driving at that stage, it would almost be a nightly occurrence. Bringing the car back was just as sneaky as taking the car. I would come down the hill put it into neutral and roll it into space with the lights off, making sure that when my dad would get into the car in the morning that everything is the exact same as when he left it after coming home from work. Getting out and shutting the door so quietly, then sneaking past my parents bedroom to get to my room.


Well after a few months of doing this, one of our neighbours I guess seen what was going on one night, and being the good neighbour that he was, he called the police. When I arrived at my friends house I get the call from my sister saying that the police are at our house asking my parents if they are aware of their car being stolen. My dad looks outside and notices it missing, says yes it is stolen, thinking that I was still in bed, they submitted a report with the police with the car description. After receiving the call from my sister I decided it was time to head home, not sure of the consequence that lay ahead. Driving home surprisingly I didn't see any police on the way. When I arrived home, my parents of course not being very impressed with the occurrence. They naturally gave me a lecture and took my driving privileges away from me.


Besides the obvious that you should not do anything that you have to be sneaky about, or trying to impress your friends with immoral acts. I think what is learned here is that there is a better way to act, a way that doesn't conflict with your core values and beliefs. Always consult with yourself before acting and ask why are you going to behave the way you are.

To be continued....

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