Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How do I control my ego?

My decision

We all have an ego and sometimes it is more powerful than we realize. About 6 months ago my girlfriend, friends and I where downtown having a good time at a pub. This was when I was drinking, I don't drink anymore, I thought it would be a great idea to walk through the poorest part of the city to go to the next bar we were heading to to show my friends what they already knew. How people can live in such miserable conditions and yet here we are indulging ourselves in partying. I wanted them to see first hand what it was like, I don't know what prompted me to do so, and not sure if I wanted them to feel bad for these people or to change our behaviour for the better to not end up like the people living on the sidewalks. It was selfish of me to want to change anyone or their opinions. I can't blame drinking for my actions, because I chose to drink. Can I blame my ego? Is that assuming responsibility?

The protest

Well the worst part of the story is that while I convinced my friends and girlfriend to walk through this part of the city, failing to mention my purpose, my girlfriend stood up and protested to go along with my devious plan. By this time we already had entered the worst part of the city. 

Of course my ego had to get involved with this and being the drinking fool that I was I protested back and didn't want to turn around or get into a cab. My friends managed to hail a cab and they all jumped in leaving no room for my girlfriend. 

What do I do next....

Oh boy here is where I really mess up....I decide, and yes this was the worst decision, to leave my girlfriend there alone, and walk through the bad part of the city by myself. While my girlfriend was doing her best trying to get out of that part.

What happens next....

Well I get to the bar where we decided to go to after leaving the pub. I see my friends there, and I get there before my girlfriend arrives. To her dismay she realizes I am there before her and that I left her stranded. She lets me know how she feels, yes she is really good at that, and for the next week she kept her distance from me, rightfully so. 

I just want to say how lucky and grateful I am to still be with her, for her to accept me after what I have put her through, your probably wondering why or how, I wonder that myself sometimes. What I want to leave you here with is that you should cherish the person you are with no matter how strong your ego is, it is always best to put you ego aside and ignore it. Especially when you are trying to prove something that is not worth proving.

To be continued....

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