Wednesday, 30 March 2016

It is in you to ASK

Ask - Acknowledge someone's kindness

You can get so much by simply asking.

Why are we so afraid to ask? Are we afraid because of the shame and guilt. Is it because we will feel that we would owe back?

I learned you need to ask the right questions. There are different levels of ask. Roger Killen a host with the Vancouver business meetups calls it the 10 dollar, 1,000 dollar, and 1,000,000 dollar ask. He says the million dollar ask is by asking a gatekeeper. A gatekeeper is an individual or an organization that can lead you to a colossal amount of leads, instead of just directing the ask towards one individual. (On a side note Roger is hosting the next Vancouver Ted X)

Aladdin Homecare is one of the companies I am associated with. How it began is by my partner who came to me and asked me to join forces with him. I was compelled by his persuasion and impressed by his ask. The rest is history.

I ask not to be polite but to seek opportunities that might otherwise pass me by. I ask because I want to ask, because the worst thing that could happen is getting a no from the individual. Will this embarrass me? Sometimes it will, but embarrassment is worth the opportunity.

What is my ask? My ask is always to get more value out of life, and yours should be too.
Ask! If you are having problems with anything, you can always find someone to help, and sometimes it comes from the most unexpected people. You will never know until you ask. No one is going to give you anything unless you request it.

Get into the habit of asking. Requesting and demanding are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. How shitty would you feel if someone told you to do something for them, as opposed to someone leaving it up to you to decide.

You build trust with the person you are asking. Let me tell you how. You build trust with them if you ask first and than small talk later. Don't bullshit someone by asking them to meet up, go for coffee to catch up if you have other intentions in mind. The person you are asking will be more likely to do something for you if you are being upfront and honest, put your intentions out in front of you. No need to hide them until the right opportunity comes up and its time to ask for favor. ASK FIRST.

Don't do things for people expecting something in return. That is a weak and conditional relationship. Read up on Unconditional relationships, they are not tit for tat. Build strong relationship by offering to help, with the only reason being is because you want to.

To be continued....

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