Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Don't read this post if you have no passion for pets

When you love someone and they get sick it is the worst feeling imaginable. There is nothing you can do about it except for giving medication and hoping for the best. Our animals are our world. Two of my pets are sick, my doberman and my cat. I have been with my cat for 12 years now, I adopted him when I was 18 years old. I moved out of my parents house to live with one of my best friends, in a rural area in Abbotsford British Columbia, it was a farm house with a corn field. This has been happening to me constantly and I am sure this happens to you too. Me and my best friend decided we wanted to get a cat to take care of any rodent problems we may incur during our stay in the old farm house. Well a couple days after making that decision, two kitties appeared on the lawn, abandoned from their mother. We noticed them when we were mowing our lawn with the ride on. We took them in, and took care of all their problems, and yes they had lots! As do all abandoned stray cats. 

His name is little guy, since the move into downtown Vancouver, he has been cooped up in the apartment for the last month, before this he has been indoor/outdoor cat. I noticed he has gotten skinnier in the last few months, and after taking him to the vet because of the everyday vomit, we suspect it is a thyroid problem, and also because of a lump by his lungs (poor little guy). There is little chance I would of known he was having any problems when I was living in a house, because cats can hide there illness really well as opposed to dogs.

I rescued my doberman about 5 years ago. He has markings on him as though someone left a muzzle and prong collar on him for too long. I believe this is what is causing his problems today. He is the sweetest gentle giant you will ever meet. The only time he shows aggression is when people ride their bikes. For the last year he has been having a chronic neck problem. The first time was about one year after plenty of exercise we came home he rested by the door and when he jolted to get up his neck was stuck and he couldn't move it. It was very frightening to see, we never thought he would recover from this. We rushed him to the vet emergency and through pain medication the neck problem subdued. After extensive work with him, taking him to professional messaging, chiropractic, acupuncture, he has been getting much better. As for recently he was being dog sat while we were moving into the city and he does not know his limitations, so he got over exercised and the neck pain is back. It was sad to see him in pain once again, it feels like we are back to square one.

We will do anything for our loved ones, even if it means spending time and money. You should really think it through before you commit to a life long adventure and acquire a pet. Once you get one you should not change your mind. The attachment grows strong. Life has many surprises, but cats and dogs getting older faster then us humans is no surprise. 

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