Saturday, 26 March 2016

Life will never be the same, let me tell you why

I spoke with a doctor recently and was somewhat surprised at what he told me. My question to him was why are you calling me from different numbers, and when I call back I can't reach you. To my stupefaction I was informed in his own words, I do not want a leash. 

Taken back by his bold statement, I was encouraged to write this post.

Could you imagine not having a mobile phone? How would life be for you?
Boring, unsatisfactory, mindless, all these come to mind of how one would feel. 

Think about this, what would you do if you did not have a phone with you at all times? How would you feel?

Generation Y is practically born with a mobile attached to their hip at all times, and yes I am guilty of this too! This is where I will talk about the addiction part of it. Addiction is a habit that we have a hard time controlling for a particular substance thing or activity. Let me ask you this, when you wake up in the morning do you check your phone? Before you go to bed at night do you need to see how many likes you got on facebook? Here is a good one, do you panic when you can't find your phone? Taking this into consideration, do you think you might have an addiction? The cynics would disagree and make up excuses as to why they 'Have' to check their phone. Remember you don't have to do anything, you choose to do things.

The smartphones have replaced many computers and most certainly the land line. Of course the convenience of it is precedent. Some businesses depend on the smartphone to survive. Cell phones can saves lives. I bet you never thought I would say that. Imagine you get into a nasty car wreck and the person who hit you nearly kills you. Good thing they can call for help immediately instead of watching you die!

I do notice more of a trend with the older generation. A few people choose not to carry cell phones. It feels manumit not having your phone on you. Try it, go a day or two or three if you dare without your phone, zero, no social media, no camera, no calls. You can even call it a retreat. You will probably get this kind of call, "you disappeared of the face of the earth, where have you been".

I am not going to get into the history of the cell phone, you can google it. However I will say from my experience is that in the early 1990's cell phones were just becoming popular and I still remember using a house phone to schedule meetings with my friends, calling the movie theatre for showtimes, not being able to talk on the phone while using the modem for the internet, and having the freedom of not having to answer to people or check emails on a perpetual basis. As the phones got smarter they became an appendage.

What annoys me about having smart phones is living in this interconnected world were you can reach anyone in the world and find any piece of information in a matter of seconds, saving time, you lose that deeper connection between you and the person you are physically with. The humanity is becoming obsolete. Don't you see a problem with this? Walking into a restaurant where people would normally have intimate discussions are on their phones not living in the present but instead in a virtual world.

Now this is a fact from More people have cellphones than toilets.

Let's have an international day of being mobile free. Read this article from the CNN.

To be continued....

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