Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A terrible experience all the way to the emergency

This is where I should of been dropped off!

Eyes deceive and make the mind believe. It is so powerful. When I seen my foot swollen I made myself believe the unbelievable, that it was broken.

I woke up in agonizing pain and looked down at my foot to my discovery of it being the size of a baby watermelon. My girlfriend confirmed the fact that she thought it was broken as well, but still kept optimistic and said not to judge it so quickly. Well I did judge quickly and it is crazy how our mind behaves when others tell us something that confirms our intuition. I thought I had broken my ankle. 

I hopped in the cab and the driver dropped me off at the main entrance rather than the emergency entrance, which by the way they are allowed to do, worried about getting a ticket instead of a person's well being. So I had to hobble all the way into the front door which is 65 hobbles.  Yes I counted. Once I reached the front door. There was no staff to help me but instead a volunteer of whom was the information dispenser.  There was more concern about giving people information than taking me to emergency.  I was dumbfounded.  

I get put into this low-budget wheelchair. You can't even wheel yourself around in it, and the padding on it, well there is non. The nurses have to take time to wheel people, cost effective? Who ever thought of this did not take into consideration the time spent by nurses wheeling people around.

When I made it to the check in desk, I forgot my identification. At this I thought to myself things couldn't get any worse, and how rushing only generates mistakes. I was asked if I had been at this hospital previously. I said no. After giving them my name, turns out that infact I have been here. Ill save this for another post.

I was angry and ashamed of myself.  Thoughts such as what will I not get to do for next little while we're running through my head. After falling asleep waiting for the x ray I woke up with a different attitude.

By the way before I fell asleep I watched people come and go and I was angry because I was there first. I guess it's more about who is in worse shape, and I am on the lower end of that list. Even though I wanted to feel like I am important.

I woke up with an uplifting attitude. I asked the nurse who was wheeling me around "where are you from?" This question can lead to a wonderful conversation.  You make the person who you ask feel important. Try it, when you meet a stranger, ask the open ended question of where are you from. I got this from Leap by Tess Vigeland.

Why do you need to ask someone what they do when you first meet them? That person who you meet maybe has lost their job or in transition, why get into something that the other person may not care to talk to you about. Who really cares what you do for work, what matters is what kind of person you are.

I am thankful that my foot is not broken and that I will recover rather quickly with some good rest! The great news is that I still have my health and well being! And you should be grateful to. There will always be someone who has it worse than you!

To be continued....

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