Sunday, 3 April 2016

You should feel special everyday, not once a year.

Why do we make big deals about birthdays?

So what if it's the day you were brought into this world. The rare few make an impact, the other few destroy this planet so much that the rare few who do make an impact is microscopic. The majority do nothing, and the rest of us watch hopelessly. What's the big fuss about birthdays. Sure it is a major milestone. I think everyday should be treated equally as important, here some bleakness for you, you never know when it will be your last day.

Being blunt and realizing the reality is sometimes a crappy gift that we have. So let's look at the bright side of things. Every day many people are born, we have more people now than we ever had on this planet. We do have enough resources, if allocated properly, to cater to everyone. With the advancement of technology we will soon be able to colonize other planets. We are on our way to making our race supreme. Through evolution we are growing exponentially. We need more people born so they can exceed our capacity and carry on our legacy.

What is this about getting gifts on special occasions. Why does it have to be a special day, holiday or milestone to congratulate someone with a gift that most likely will not be liked or used. Unless the person needs something and requests it which most time people don't because they will feel this reciprocity to give back, why bother?

I say you should gift when you feel like gifting.

I heard an awesome Ted Talk in Vancouver. The person made the fuck it list. The opposite of a bucket list, sort of. Basically not doing things that society tells us to do and we don't want to do. I loved this when I heard it I started applying it to my life.

I don't want gifts. I want people to do something meaningful and do something for someone that needs it more than I do.

Try it don't get someone a gift for their birthday, see if they remember it when it comes time to your birthday. Instead give them a gift when they least expect it. Believe me that will stand out in their subconscious much more than a boring gift on their birthday, which I am sure 20 other people will get for them as well. What are you gonna try and top everyone else off with something that is more expensive so your gifts stands out from all those other boring gifts. Don't waste your time or money. Meaningful gifts come from the heart and hardly cost anything. The timing of which they are given is more important of what the actual gift is.

Sharing memories is a great gift and so is donating to a good cause. Remember that time we went to help build a school together, or gave away sandwiches to the homeless. These things are not forgotten, getting someone a bottle of liquor is.

On another note receiving gifts is just as important as giving them. Why you ask? Especially after me telling you not to get gifts. Because you need to know how to accept something. When you give you will be given back in a strange unlikely way, that is why you need to be gracious at accepting gifts.

The reason I bring up this content is because it is both  my business partner's and my girl friend's birthday. I am not going to do the cliche thing and get them boring gifts. Instead I will do something next month when they least expect it and make a lasting impact on them.

To be continued....

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