Tuesday, 5 April 2016

You can't hit what you can't see

Finally it came to me

While I was making my way towards the highway, listening to my audiobook, dressed in my suit. Heading to my tax accountants office on a rainy gloomy day plus another meeting after with a client. I was running late.

We all know the feeling. You make it late to your first meeting and the rest of your day is messed up. It is a crappy feeling. Only if I left 30 minutes earlier or if I had taken a different route perhaps I would make it on time. 

I started writing this post while sitting in traffic.

The worst part about it is that sitting in traffic you can't see what lies ahead. Could it be an accident? A deer crossing the road? Someone jumping of the bridge? 

Very frustrating not knowing what the holdup is. As soon as I can see a clearance ahead I got relived.

I have always heard that you should have a target you want to hit. Well to this day I have had vague goals and no targets. Now I understand the importance and the frustration that goes on when you do not have goals.

Just like sitting in traffic not knowing what is ahead. Merely existing and living everyday not knowing what you are doing it for is equally or more frustrating.

I have read prior about setting SMART goals, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

I have big dreams. Being married, having two children, owning a nice house alongside a couple vacation homes in different countries. Being financially secure and free, not having to worry about money in my life, being happy(I will write about this in another blog). 

The problem is breaking it down to achievable smaller chunks. Don't be scared to dream big, all dreams are attainable as long as you have a plan to execute them.

Rough draft of the steps I need to take

So I decided to do a mind map and tackle small chunks at a time.

To get married, I would need to move back in with my girlfriend, get engaged and then plan the marriage. Give birth to one child within one year, than give birth to another one shortly after. 

To achieve my financial goal I would have to expand my network and my companies. I would need to first learn the industries inside and out, market, recruit a sales team/reps, hire 1 more tech, establish commercial contracts, hire another tech and so forth. To expand my network I would need to attend 1 event every 2 weeks, than 1 event every week, than 2 events every week. The events need to be objective to my purpose. Reach out to my current contacts for introductions with their network that would benefit all three parties.

This might not work for you, as everyone has different styles of planning. I suggest you do plan. Many small incremental actions can lead to big massive changes in your life.

I have said this before, always start with why. Why do you want to achieve your dreams? What is the purpose? 

My why is to build an empire. To live a life not shackled to the status quo. To bring value to everyone's life that crosses my path. To have my children and their children live a life full of purpose. To be aware.

Purpose brings you clarity and allows you to overcome your fears of doubt. Yes you will be tested along the way, and yes you will want to give up. Reminding yourself of your why you push through any obstacles. There is nothing wrong with taking longer to achieve what you have set out to do. What is wrong is to give up entirely.

Your dreams will always change and evolve. When I was in my teens I have never wanted to be married or have children, I did not care about a big house or vacation homes. I wanted to live like a rap star, be careless and have lots of money (the latter didn't change). Until you experience something you have not before, it is hard to imagine something that is a fantasy. So adapt, but be purpose driven always.

Work backwards from your big dreams, what steps do you need to take to achieve them? How will you get there? Who will hold you accountable to achieving them? 

You can't miss a target of which you do not have. 

To be continued....

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