Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How has your life been impacted?

You give that plant a way of life, just like you would to people you bring value to.

How do you bring value to other people?

I can write about what kind of values there are, or how value is added in business. Today I will write about how you bestow value onto others.

The dictionary states that value is "one's judgement of what is important in life". So what have you done for someone else that the individual has deemed important?

What may be important to you, may not be important to the person next to you.
Value is not hard to give if you keep your heart open and listen. How do you know that value has been apt? Wouldn't you like to know if you have given value to someone's life?

If the person hasn't already told you, then ask. No reason to be shy, or think of yourself as narcissistic. You are doing nothing wrong by asking. Maybe that person is not saying anything because they are shy, or they may think that by saying something they will make you feel awkward.

I believe that true value is when you make an impact in someone's life. Making a positive change in the direction in which they are moving. Giving someone insight they did not have.

How have I done it?

I have contributed in numerous ways and will continue to. As one saying goes when the student becomes the teacher. When my friends remind me of information that I have passed on to them this makes me believe that I have transmitted a positive vibe into their lives. Bringing my partner and his family out of a poor setting, by bringing out his truest potential. Building a community of like minded people and sharing knowledge. Writing these posts, sharing my experiences and information, I trust that I am bringing value into peoples lives who have not heard or read about any of the things that I write about.

How have others done it to me?

A stranger brought value into my life explaining to me that I am able to listen to an audiobook 2x the speed. An acquaintance brought value into my life by recommending some powerful books. A friend has brought value into my life by being there for me when I most needed it. A mentor has brought value into my life by sharing his experience and educating me on my business. My family has brought value into my life by believing in me and giving me the tools to becoming the man I am today. My girlfriend has brought value into my life by understanding me, being there through the bad times and good, and sharing her wisdom to better myself.

I encourage you to find out how you can bring value to other people's lives. Doing something nice for someone and adding value are two different things and should not be confused. Deliver consistent value into people's lives, and praise those who have contributed value into your life.

Each and everyone of us is more than capable of doing so. Go out and do it. You will feel great about it, but it's not just about you. It is about the person or people you are doing it for.

To be continued....

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