Sunday, 24 April 2016

No one will ever deceive you, right?

We will never run out of space to advertise.

Advertisements contain facts not information.

An invasion on our subconscious has reigned upon us for millennial. How have we become entrenched with advertisements? Everywhere we go we see advertisements that we don't care for. Guess what, they are there for a reason and they will get you to buy what they are selling whether you like it or not.

Let me tell you a brief history of where advertisement began and how they became modernized. Sigmund Freud's nephew is responsible for the latter. I will get into that in a minute.

Advertisement began as early as 4000bc with the Egyptians selling messages about events and political campaigns to the masses. In every civilization we can find a form of advertising. In china they played flutes to sell candy. In Europe advertising was used to communicate what trades were available.

In 1786 the first advertising agency was established by William Taylor.

I don't want to bore you with more facts about the history of advertising so I will quickly summarize it with how it became modernized by Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays.

Edward Bernays was a pioneer of cigarette advertising. He understood the power of the subliminal messages that can target people into the desire of purchasing commodities.

I also want to mention the amount of money that has been spent on advertising. It was estimated in 2011 about 470 billion dollars.

Now let us leave all those facts behind and get into what I would like to convey to you in this post.

You can see advertising as an art. It is a form of evoking emotion from you. The more it touches on your emotions the more likely you will buy what that advertisement is selling.

It is amazing how disruptive the industry of advertising has been for brick and mortar companies to have to shut their doors after centuries of being in business. This goes to show how you cannot rely on past success to be your future predictor.

Advertising began with posters and word of mouth and now has spread through the use of media, and technology in all forms. In a movie you will subliminally see tens of various company's merchandise and commodities subtly influencing you to desire the car or food or clothing that the producers are depicting.

Why am I talking about advertising well it is because it is a large industry in which we cannot escape. Is it wrong to advertise? Is it immoral? Well not exactly.

It is wrong to persuade, and that is what advertising is all about it is the art of persuasion, for things that are harmful and damaging to the body and environment. 

Now how do we decide what is wrong to advertise and what is right. Unfortunately we don't. Oil, Mcdonalds, Cigarettes, and Alcohol are industry giants and the money they spend on advertising is what makes the agency's thrive.

So the reason I chose this topic is because my intention is to build a platform in which I will sell advertising space. However because it is my platform I will choose what is advertised on my space.

As I am writing this I ask myself "Will I be tempted if I got offered a handsome sum of money to provide space for a company of which I find unethical". Would you?

In the near future I predict advertisement will be subjective to your specific needs. You will only see what the advertising company knows you want to see.

In another post I will introduce the perception factor. Why we see what we choose to see, and why we miss everything in between.

What you choose to do with this information is up to you.

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