Saturday, 9 April 2016

How something so hard can become easy

It is frustrating and challenging working on something that I have very little knowledge on. 

I decided to build my own website.

The reason why is because I feel that it is a useful skill to have especially when paying a great deal of money for this service. Any organization now that does not have a website will not survive.

Brick and mortar, yellow pages, and flyers are things of the past. Connecting with the virtual world for a business is becoming very self evidently dependable. It is no longer a choice.

The things I have learned

Setting deadlines: as with any goal it is a priority. If you want to accomplish any tedious task you must hold yourself accountable. There will be times when you say to yourself well I have more important things to do, so I will just get to it later. Well guess what later becomes later. Getting out of this cycle is not easy but it is doable. Assigning the task of accountability to someone else is a good way to get your own work done. I have a proven method I will share with you in another post.

Give yourself credit where credit is due. A sense of accomplishment will make you want to do more.

Practice, Practice, Practice

I have spent so far 8 hours building this site Which I am sure anyone with expertise will do it in less than 2 hours. Am I proud of this accomplishment Hell Yah. Am I getting better at it, of course!!

Best advice I can give you is to get a mentor, or a coach. Someone that can walk you through the ropes step by step, and then apply that knowledge and do it yourself. Take 'Perfect' out of the equation. If you are waiting for the perfect time or opportunity to build your perfect website, you are wasting your chance because it will never happen.

Write first, design later. This I learned from Mark Manson.

Take a look at other sites that appeal to you, and borrow their ideas. Essentially when you put your own name, title, and content all you are really 'stealing' is the format. I borrowed the font style from Mark Manson. I am using a theme by bavotasan. I get content inspiration from Prsuit.

James Annon was a fantastic guide for me in starting out. He has great video tutorials on a step by step process on how to acquire your domain name all the way to designing and building your website.

One of my best friends and business partner Jarid Vaughan has capabilities of companies that charge 10-20k for building you a website. He is very knowledgeable and intelligent when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) and design. Thanks to his advice I was able to gain a better understanding when it came to building my own website.

Learning from the pros is essential in anything you wish to accomplish. Better and faster than teaching yourself by yourself. Asking the right people the right questions can lead you to possibilities you never could have imagined. There is no wrong question to ask. It is foolish not to ask!

This was new to me. I never would have thought I would be able to build my own website. Now I am not only capable of working with a simple design but I am also understanding the coding and I am able to change it according to my vision.

You want to learn something new or do something different, then do it, stop talking about it.

To be continued....

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