Thursday, 7 April 2016

How you should reprioritize

In your mind this should always be you, in reality this will never be you.

Having more than you imagined.

How would you feel if you won the lottery? It would feel exceptionally good. I know I felt great when I won 100 shekels in Israel when I was 8 years old. 

If you have ever played the lottery and came close to winning you know it's always getting most of the numbers except for one, and you always say to yourself "next time I will get them all".

We remember what happens to us rarely, and we seem to forget what happens to us always. We get into this autopilot mode.

You will probably also remember the biggest draw in the world was 3 months ago, an estimated 1.5 billion dollars in U.S. Now that is enough money to live a carefree life for many generations.

What would you do with 1.5 billion dollars?

The best question to always ask yourself. I have been asked this by my acquaintance. I have also heard Jim Rohn talk about this. The point of this question is to realize what you would do differently if money was not a concern in your life.

So my acquaintance had me write down a list of 30 things that I would do, he said I can't take to long thinking about it and that I need to write down the first things that come to mind. The trick is not to overthink it, to use your imagination and to NOT be practical. 
I still have that list:

I would get coaching in tennis. 

I would meditate everyday. 

I would live in peace with no stress. 

I would find a new way to store/extract energy that is safer for our planet. 

I would gather all world leaders and convince governments to implement changes in our society. 

I would stop world hunger. 

I would teach and motivate as many people as I could to do good and become leaders in their 

I would fly to space.

I would leave a legacy as a philanthropist and a leader.

I would meet my icons.

What I have realized and the purpose of this exercise is that the things that I would do with that kind of money, I can do without. You do not need a lot of money to do things you want to do. I mean sure if you want a really expensive car, a massive mansion, and to fly to space you would need a bit more money then you have now.

However everything else, like spending more time with your family, doing things for a good cause, having hobbies, and trying new things, people always overestimate how much they actually need to do any of those. Really it is about prioritising your time and being mindful of your wants

Losing sucks, and you don't have to.

My friend and I were disappointed when the big American 1.5 billion dollar powerball was played. We wanted to buy 2000$ in tickets because we were sure enough that we would hit the numbers on the jackpot. Why were we so sure about this? We have never won before and the probability of us winning was virtually non.

It is interesting how the mind works. I had some friends who were able to get tickets. I was envious. That feeling did not last, let me tell you why.

Recently I read that it is hopeless playing the lottery. We only hear about people who won, this makes us believe that we have a chance. This is what the lottery officials want us to believe. This is why the marketing ploy is so strong and why the lottery got so big in the first place. 

What they do not tell us is about the millions of people that have lost. In reality you will be sitting watching T.V. for 9.6 years of 30 second clips of people that have lost and then one 30 second clip would come on with someone winning. Would you then buy a ticket? Let me answer that for you, you will not.

Two takeaways here.

1. Do not get fooled by media and advertising by thinking you will be the lucky one to win, because you will waste more money and have more disappointments over your lifetime. Especially if you are emotionally attached to your money (more about this another time). Instead invest that money into a fund that will generate interest for you.

2. It is important to know what it is you will do if money was not a burden. How will your life be different then it is now? Take into realization that money is not holding you back, it is you and your excuses that is holding you back.

To be continued....

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