Friday, 8 April 2016

Money is not the root of all evil

The 1954 print issue of the Devil face in the hair do of the queen Elizabeth II

A mindful conversation with my friend

I was having a conversation with my good friend yesterday, and I thought I would share it with you.

Recently, and by recently I mean about one and a half years ago my perception on money started to evolve. Let me explain to you how this happened.

You know how they say you need to have a good relationship with your money, well mine was great, almost too great. It was careless. When my girlfriend and I would see something we like I insisted on not looking at the price tag and going ahead with the purchase.

Why would I act this way? Was it to impress my girlfriend and anyone else who would later see the purchase? I would probably assume that answer would be a Yes. It is true money will always come and go, however time you can never get back.

Although I always thought I had a great relationship with money in reality I did not. I did not value money at all. The more I made the more I was compelled to spend.

There are people who no matter how much they make they will always live from paycheck to paycheck and this is because of their mindset.

It is important to understand the value of money because unfortunately in this day and age money is like oxygen. You need it to buy food, water (will discuss this one deeper in another post), shelter, memories, and apparently a good time.

Times are changing for my girlfriend and I. She is getting cheap and I am getting cheaper. Although together we are making more money now then we have been in the past. We are consciously aware of our spending habits.

How did we become this aware? Well it took a big fight unfortunately to come to the understanding that we lived in a dream world where money was not real. Unlike some of our friends, we had no limitations as to what we would do, when we would do it, and how.

The sad part is that people fight about money. It can destroys family and friend relationships if you let it.

Yes you can and should make a budget list (more on this another time), no this does not make you cheap, instead it brings a new perspective on things. Believe it or not this was an encouragement from my girlfriend.

Will end on this last note. Don't let money be your sole purpose in life, the reason why you work at your job or why you don't live your life to the fullest.

To be continued....

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