Thursday, 14 April 2016

What you say matters, let me tell you why

I was having a great conversation with my girlfriend. 

I asked her "why is it easier for me to articulate what I want to say when I type or write it as opposed to when I speak it?"

This observation came about when I wanted to record a note on my recorder while I was at the gym. As you recall I have said previously that ideas can come at the strangest of times.

While I was recording the idea I was having a really hard time formulating it.

So my girlfriend put it into perspective for me.

I have an easier time getting my ideas onto a computer or a writing pad because I have time to think about them prior to writing them.

Think before you speak.

We tend to forget sometimes that being mindful is essential to conveying an impactful story or message.

Why do many of us just jump right into saying something we later regret?

When do we convey a powerful message?

Usually it is when we know it inside and out. We don't have to be passionate about it, although we usually are.

My speech at the memorial for our concierge was full of grammatical errors. My girlfriend pointed that out for me.

I did not think it through and my message was not delivered like I had hoped. It sounded a lot better in my head that's for sure.

I find this happens with many of my speeches.

Like my girlfriend said think first before you speak, your message will be so much more powerful.

Even if it takes you a few seconds or minutes to say something it is better to say something great than something mediocre or meaningless that no one will care for.

When we start writing, ideas tend to flood. The trick is to start writing without criticising or resisting. Just writing, if you don't like it you can always modify or erase it.

With speaking we don't have that luxury. To reword.

I have been doing better by analyzing what I want to say and the reaction I will get if I say what I want to say. I suggest you do the same.

Think of the outcome you are hoping to accomplish.

How can you do it right the first time?

If we take the moment to think it through.

What you choose to do with this information is up to you.

To be continued....

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