Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Why should we care about recycling?

Do you think it is possible to not produce garbage?

I think anything is possible. It is interesting to see people say it is not possible. My opinion is that you need to get creative. People are led to believe it is not possible because it hasn’t been done. However, I think that we are able to recycle everything we use, eliminate everything that is not recyclable.

Can you go a year without buying stuff?

First one would have to define stuff. Is it material goods? If so I would say yes, you can. Is it consumable goods? If so I would argue no, unless you have a means of survival and you are skilled at raising your own food/water.

One way to not buy stuff is to share with others. We are becoming increasingly a sharing economy, for example Air b and B for housing, Co-working for sharing work space, Task rabbit for sharing skills and talent, Crowd funding for raising capital collectively. Another way is to stock up on what you need.

If we violate that assumption, then I would argue it is possible to go a year with buying very minimal stuff. The argument will also have to hold its context. Meaning that it will matter where you are. For example, living in an area where you can grow vegetables all year long and raise cattle.

New stuff is exciting because it activates our reward center in our brain by releasing the dopamine chemicals, thus creating motivation to seek that reward. However, challenge also creates motivation. When challenged not to buy new stuff you are rewiring your brain to release dopamine creating the same effect.

Buying luxury or necessity? How can one avoid buying necessity?

“Competition helps individuals understand themselves better, as well they are ambitious, achievement oriented and dominant. There is always a downside to this as well, becoming hyper-competitive can lead to narcissism, self doubt, rage, and impulsive behaviour.” Adrian Furnham PhD.

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