Wednesday, 28 September 2016

How do you decide which is your favorite?

What is your favorite color? How about your favorite song? book? Or person?
How do you decide which is your favorite? Better yet, why did you decide this?
I can assure you that it wasn’t a deliberate decision at first. Exposure to certain elements is a key to things becoming favorite. Could it be the lack of exposure that makes things more wanted? This is also possible.
Have you ever felt that not having something, you wanted that thing that much more? However, for this, you need to know about what you don’t have.
I have always loved the color green, to justify this, everything is green in my world; the grass, trees, money, etc. Number 2, because everything happens to come in pairs; two eyes, legs, sides of a coin etc. Looking at this one can assume that this comes from an analytical perspective.
Although we must consider imagination to liking things. Imagining the world that is the way that you want it to be rather than the way it is.
How about a favorite song, person, or dish? I can tell you something about yourself without having met you.
What used to be your favorite when you were a child is not your favorite anymore. So why do our preferences change?
Can it be exposure to new things when we grow up?
We become tired of the same things over time especially when...

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