Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The things you need to know about challenge

Do you get motivated when you are being challenged? Do you love proving yourself as worthy to society? What is it about engaging in a competition that moves you? When money is at stake, why does the challenge seem more daunting?
If you are like me and you love to get competitive then these questions will apply to you, if you are not competitive these questions will apply to you, and if you know someone who is competitive, guess what? These questions will apply to you.
I always begin my posts defining the concept, in this case I will begin by answering the questions first.
Four components are the result of being motivated to enter a challenge; Likelihood, social capital, development, and purpose. This may seem like common sense however I will illustrate the concepts.
When someone challenges you to a race;
First, you examine whether you have a likely chance of winning. There is no point of running a race if there is no chance of winning, therefore this will decrease the likelihood of even entering the challenge. However, a slight chance of winning will increase that motivation.
Second, upon entering this challenge you observe the possibility of the gains. This can be anything from recognition, being liked by your fellow peers, or simply feeling inferior to your opponent.

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