Saturday, 3 September 2016

Follow these 6 steps to make an impact in your community.

Why give?

A friend of mine had a great job, but then got laid off due to unforeseen reasons for the company closing down. This outcome resulted in his breakup with his girlfriend of whom they support 3 children. Those children are left in my friends care because the girlfriend is unstable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

No job, 3 children, and an eviction notice from his landlord. How would you react to this situation?

Do you know anyone who has been in a dire situation where someone needed support from their local community?

We continually hear about starving children in Africa who go days without food and water. We hear about natural disasters that happen all around the world that affect hundreds of thousands of people.

Yet, these stories about the micro causes in our own backyards are the ones we can visually see an impact in when we give a helping hand. How can we support these micro causes? By gathering the people in your community and following the steps I will lay out for you.

To give all you need are actionable steps that will guide you through the daunting task. You don’t need any money, all you need is your heart, your time, your determination, and a network of friends.

If you are on social you probably have a hundred friends, or maybe just 5 really good friends. Well, guess what those 5 friends have 5 really good friends too. Leverage this by impacting the people closest to you so they feel compelled to share with the people who are closest to them. Create a ripple effect.

When you have someone who wants to give back as bad as you do you will create an impact larger then by doing it alone.

Let me take you through 6 steps on how to make an impact in your community.

Step 1:

Find a micro cause that you would like to see an impact in. Ask the family if they are okay with receiving support.

To see a list of ideas for events you can google ‘charity event’s’ in your area if you want to be boring, or better yet come up with your own. What do you love to do? Biking? Setup a local group bike ride. How about a BBQ, or boating?

We will get to step two in a minute, first you need to come up with the idea, find a family that truly could use the support or you can even do it for your local charity organization.
Speak to the coordinator of your local charity and get the exact details of what you can and cannot do to support them. They do have rules and guidelines. Through good intentions you will be able to win them over. Before you pitch your idea to them, really think about it.

Step 2: finish the rest over here

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