Sunday, 25 September 2016

An accidental Vegas experiment

You can’t give things away. I am not talking about the internet; the internet is free for all. The context does matter when wanting to give.
Recently I travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada, if you have been there then you will know what I am talking about and if you haven’t then you will understand by the end of this post.
Vegas is historically known for its implicit 24/7 action. However, what is usually left out are the number of immigrants that are panhandling, performing, and soliciting certain merchandise on the numerous tourists that enter the city daily in swarms.
My friend’s and I were staying at Caesars Palace. Famously known for its shopping experience. The 24 hours that we were there we decided to stroll down the boulevard, passing various casinos that stretch a mile long.
On this especially hot day for someone who comes from a colder climate actually turns out to be an average day of 35 Celsius as told by the locals. The tourist mentality provoked my friend to become disillusioned and interested in possession that he wouldn’t purchase locally.
“Wonder presents too many meanings for the mind to process all at once. You can’t grasp it. It’s unthinkable.” Kirby Farrel Ph.D.
A man in his early thirties, possibly could have  come finish it over here,

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