Friday, 23 September 2016

Our individualistic choices have an impact on others

Why do I care about other people’s health?

There are a simple answer and a very complex one that I want to elaborate on.

The simple answer is that; collectively we are better.

Okay, so that’s obvious, what is not so obvious is that caring about other people is not something that comes naturally to many. We care about what people think, yet we don’t care about people in general.

If you read my last post, you would have understood that we actually want people to be misfortunate because that gives us stature; superiority.

There has been a study conducted on chimps; Chimps were given orange juice, something they valued. For chimp’s orange juice is like money to humans. They paid in orange juice to watch pictures of their peers who were in higher stature than them and they wanted the payment to see pictures of primates that were in lower stature than them.

Now, we can argue that we have individual tendencies. Each and every one of us behaves and thinks differently from one another. Sure some people are more giving than others and vice versa.

I was sitting in front of Shoppers, it is a kind of supermarket where you find household items as well you can grab food and prescription items. I noticed an overweight man coming out of his vehicle and started walking towards the store.

In my mind at that time I was thinking; what can I do to help this man?

Why did this thought come to mind? Is it my ego that thinks; if I help someone that I would be seen as a better person? Why would I automatically assume that this man needed help, to begin with? Could it be genetics? Is it social norms that determine what it means to be overweight?

I have written about exercise and all the benefits of exercise.

In my heart, I genuinely wanted to help. Maybe put this man on a .... Over here come finish Just click on the link hint~ Karasin group

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