Sunday, 18 September 2016

How can you successfuly use profanity?

Language is fascinating. What is more fascinating is how certain words are misused and how our minds are confused through our conditioning.

I would like to think that a definition of a word can depend on my belief. This is true for the educated however, it seems that popular belief is more accurate for the average person.

This is not an attack on anyone who is not educated, neither am I saying that I am highly educated. Nor am I saying that you are average.

My purpose is to get you to think more in terms of context rather than the belief you have developed.

Let us take the word Fuck for instance. When you hear this word what comes to mind?

Let me help you with that; Aggression, anger, frustration, hate, difficulty and pain.

What if I told you that this word when used in the right context can be powerful?

How is this possible?

It can create an exaggeration for effect for the use of pleasure, apathy, greeting, innovation and surprise.

When over used it absolutely loses its value and effect.

Demolition, received it’s premier in the Toronto international film festival, was eye opening to how Jake Gyllenhaal lost his wife in a car crash and then later became obsessed to writing letters to a customer service department in the soda can machine dispensers.
A woman who worked in the department began writing him letters back, he later found out who she was and began a relationship with her. Upon meeting her teenage son, he witnessed ....

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