Thursday, 15 September 2016

Questions from a pragmatic entrepreneur

Have you ever faced the fear that you are not doing things fast enough?

That you are alone and you’re not good enough?

That you are not smart enough?

That your counter parts are ahead of you?

Does it make you feel ashamed/depressed/vulnerable that it is taking you so much longer to get to where they are?

How can you overcome this anxiety?

Would it help facing it head on?

How can you recognize that patience in its truest form is the right way to move forward?

What are you moving forward towards?

Do you look at people who are far behind you to make yourself feel better about where you are?

Do you get motivated and inspired by the people ahead of you?

Is it a race?

Who determines who is winning and who is losing?

Is it possible for the people ahead of you to fall behind?

How would that make you feel if they did?

Why would you wish that upon someone?

How do you know where you are and where you are suppose to be?

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