Monday, 30 May 2016

Today is your last day

You are asking last day of what? Work? Activity? Rent? Relationship?


Your last day of living.

This is a hypothetical assumption. What will you do today if you knew you had 24 hours left to live?

I know in my post Are you living a fulfilled life I had suggested for you to plan to do something that is on your bucket list sooner than later.

Today I want you to challenge your everyday thinking. Why?

To bring a new perspective and a unique insight to you and myself. One of which we tend to discount.

So how would your day go? Really think about it. I am not going to suggest to you or decide for you how you should live your last day instead I will tell you what I would do in hopes that it provides an idea to build upon.

I would wake up early. Write in my journal a list of things I am grateful for. Write the things I have learned the day before.

Have a cold shower, brush my teeth, and meditate for 20 minutes. Once that is done I would walk my dogs, eat some fruit. I would than read for about 30 minutes. After my reading session I will wake my girlfriend up, and tell her I love her.

So far this is how my mornings go most days when I don't have important meetings scheduled for when I wake up. Sometimes the time zone doesn't allow me to get this routine done because of the people I need to communicate with are in different time zones.

How are you doing so far? Have you laid out your morning plan yet?

I would then call all the people who I have not had great relationships with or are in dispute with and I would conjure, apologize and resolve any dispute no matter how big or small.

I would reach out to all my family that is local and out of country and explain to them how grateful I am for them to have been in my life.

My day can finish here and I would go in peace.

With the rest of the time spent I would read some more. Spend time with my girlfriend. Write, reach out to my partners and employees in my businesses and give them my last thoughts, and then on my last evening throw a party for everyone who knows me.

Invite them to share their thoughts and feelings about me.

I got this idea from Tuesdays With Morrey a living funeral. A man dying from ALS slowly deteriorating right in front of us. Gives us many life lessons. A very insightful novel as well you can watch the nightline video of his progression over a few months.

A living funeral were people come and say things about you as they would at a funeral except you acknowledge the things being said.

So how would you live your last day? Would you live it in gratitude? Would you live it in sorrow? Would you do the things you do everyday or would you do them differently?

The point of this is for you to become aware of how you are living now in the present and ask yourself, why do things have to change for you to live differently if you only had one day to live?

Live everyday as if it were your last

Take notice how I didn't say anything about going on social media, responding to emails, or doing anything that results in unproductive use of my time.

Your day will be different than mine.

Can this be applied to business? Before you commence work you should ask these 3 key questions.

Can someone do it better than you? Delegate.
Does it require your specific skills? Do it.
Can it wait for a later time? Reschedule it.

I learned this from Brian Tracy. He gives very useful advice for time management. This is what this post unravels. How you spend your time matters. Being mindful of it is all it takes for progression to take place.

On a side note, we will get back on track now. I know I have a few posts to catch up on. It is due to some unforeseen changes in devices as well as in my business. (I know this sounds vague but I will discuss it another time)

Changing my habits is something I will have to master. With due time it will only better me, my business, in turn you the audience.

Thank you for your patience and support and of course for taking the time to read this post. To be continued....

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