Monday, 30 May 2016

Are you born a good writer?

Get into the habit of writing, it will be a very useful skill in life and business.

This is an unusual post. Let me explain why.

I began writing this post last night at approximately 11:00 pm pacific time. I had a topic in mind, "Do you think writing is hereditary?" However there was just no way to get into the flow of writing the post. Ill give you a snippet of how it went. Then after ill get 'write' into the topic.

Ill keep it short since we all know our attention span is just not like it once was.

My strategy for writing these posts so far has been asking a question or making a statement with the purpose of making you think critically about it.

Giving you the research behind it, then put in my two cents. Leaving you with a take away to apply to your daily life and business.

I believe by giving you this snippet of what I wrote last night it will tie into this topic nicely.

Here is the snippet.

"So I am sitting here. I have a topic. I want to write about. Is writing hereditary?

However in my presence there are four gorgeous girls, loud music, and lots of food which is making it very distracting to write about writing.

Snapchat is taking over the living room. Selfies. I hear my name being called out to change the channel, get the music player out, take the spring rolls out of the oven.

Now I put something on T.V. to keep them entertained however since they are interested in what I put on for them to watch, I now myself am curious.


Do good writers write with these kind of distractions? I am sure they do, however the quality of their writing is poor.

Now I hear Etta Jones with 'At Last' playing. I love jazz. The best of vines is playing on T.V.

Very distracting.

App founders have mastered the best tools for our decreasing short attention span

I was hoping by starting out this way that I would get into the flow of writing. However tuning out this noise is proving to be a struggle. It is Saturday night eleven P.M. in the city of Vancouver. For me it is another night for great hustle.

It feels the same as when we surf the web or any social app, all the noise out there bombarding us and wanting to take away the one commodity of which we cannot reclaim, time.


All the noise has seized, the girls are all getting ready to go out. Am I this dork sitting at home on his computer writing?

The flow is just not there, do I quit? Do I give up on tonight? Go read something useful and wake up early to take over the world.

I now switch over to Thought Catalog to read a post from Ryan Holiday. Usually I find good inspiration in reading other well thought out posts.

You want to get in my head? Let's do it. I am thinking about how much I suck right now being pulled from this post and thinking about the poor content I am about to publish on here.

Let's give you something useful if you haven't already left this post.

Now I hear the fan blowing, window is open, people yelling outside singing happy birthday. I just can't get into the groove. I will have to get back to this post when the flow comes to me. See you in 8 hours..."

Distraction. I am back now, what did you think of the snippet?

You can clearly see writing takes effort, time, commitment, and focus. It is not something that you are born with and that is genetically passed down.

Your experience, practice and the environment of which you are surrounded by can impact your talent, and your ability to become a great writer.

I believe people who are born gifted with dyslexia or other forms of cognitive obstacles will have a harder time writing versus the general population. That goes without saying.

However even if you are born with a 'disadvantage' your nurturing can determine your ability into becoming a good writer.

What is this post about?

Is it about being a good writer?

Is it about knowing how to write at all?


My focus was to tackle whether or not good writing is nurtured or natured.

Some of you will disagree and I accept that. Every one has their own beliefs and arguments. This is mine.

I came up with this topic after a conversation I was having with my family. Unearthing my mom's ability to compose poems, and my grand fathers unique writing skills. What should be noted here is the amount of practice of which had come into effect.

I am not talking about simple school level practice. I am suggesting that you need to go beyond the school education and write on your own time. Well read books also contribute to your writing capabilities.

How do I know that "Good" writing is not hereditary? Because as I keep writing I keep getting better at composing and delivering my message to you.

Remember I am not doing this just for you, but more so for myself.


I believe writing is a skill that can be mastered. If it was hereditary why are we not seeing more siblings or children from prominent writers publish their work. 

We are all writers, some are better than others because they choose to build their skill to become better. Writing is a much needed skill in business because it is one of your avenues for communication.

When you are a good writer most times you are also a well spoken individual.

Good writing displays your wisdom and wealth of knowledge.

Emails, meetings, reports, seeking financial backing, sales and blogging are some examples of writing use in business.

If you cannot effectively communicate your message through a clear and concise manner in writing "they might wonder what else you failed to learn that might be useful."

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