Tuesday, 31 May 2016

3 things you need to know

Have you ever wondered how different our world would be if we had the ability to travel back in time?

I have always had this fantasy to travel back in time. Think of all the insight you would carry with you. Imagine if the internet came out in the 1800's or sooner.

Albert Einstein in his book Relativity explains how the present , future and past all exists simultaneously. In Steven Hawking's lectures he explains to us how black holes warp time and space. H.G. Wells with his novel The Time Machine in 1895 has moved the notion of time travel into the public imagination.

Yet as wondrous of theory time travel is, our exponential growth as a civilization began amongst many inventions and systems. The printing press allowed information to flow into the hands of middle and lower class people. Now think if those same people had the internet.

We thrive on information. We grow from information. We become more civil and less violent.

We may not have the ability to travel back in time however we can get into the minds of the geniuses who no longer walk this earth.

Reading allows us to see what they seen and to learn what wisdom they carried. We can also find very useful information through various blog sites, reddit/subreddits (a sharing platform for users who write on certain subjects, oh yes it is all categorized), quoara (ask a question and people from around the world will answer with their opinion). Google Scholar is an excellent source for academic essays.

Those are just some examples, there are many more platforms of which we share mass information. The key and not so easy task is filtering out all the noise and taking in what is useful.

Time is not on our side unfortunately, and useless information is a time waster.

You may think reading this post may be wasting your time. So let me give you a couple of takeaways that way you can leave feeling that you gained some insight of which you may or may not have had before reading this.

Useful App: Pandora. Keeps me on track with fewer distractions by being mindful of the time spent on each activity, thanks to Darius Foroux the founder of Procrastination Zero. I have been implanting this app and it has increased my productivity by 100%.

Useful Tip: Let the person talk. We are great at putting up a guard/wall and not revealing our vulnerability. You want to find out what holes there are in someone's story, let them talk. Compliment them, agree with them, and listen intently. When people become comfortable with you their guard goes down and they will tell you things unintentionally that they didn't want you knowing.

Useful Practice: Get uncomfortable. You think successful people who love what they do never seek uncomfortable circumstances? You are mistaken. Yes even the people who love their jobs and love what they do the only way they progress is by constantly putting themselves in uncomfortable positions. Comfort is a root cause of mediocracy.

Useful content always wins in this information saturated world.

Going back to the beginning of this post. How different would this world be if we traveled back in time. Our population would be 10x what it is now, maybe 100x. Our resources would become scarce, however I believe we would have already inhabited more than one plant outside this world/universe.

You can see how fast everything is moving now and imagine if this growth began centuries ago.

I hope you can see what I see.

I am no visionary. I am no historian. I am no writer. I am a businessman who loves to observe and put things into perspective. Who loves to question the norm/status quo. Who loves to read, write, give back and most importantly imagine.

You are thinking I should not be saying these stories, 'of what I am not', to myself because the stories we tell ourselves become the truth/reality in how we live our lives. More useful information for you. Understand the stories you tell yourself, they predetermine your destination.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Share it and like it if you found this useful. To be continued....

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