Thursday, 26 May 2016

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We are hard wired to want what we cannot have.

I am going to be prejudice here so bare with me. Why do males have a hard time resisting the sight of a beautiful female?

What makes a female beautiful? Or I should be asking what are the societal norms of beauty?

I would like to explore these questions in depth.

On occasion when a pretty woman walks past a man, that man will stare. Some go as far as giving the up and down look, and some would go even further and stare when she has passed. The latter we will address as creeps.

Going beyond just being curious. Staring far too long, yes there is an appropriate time to stare, and staring with the wrong intentions.

Observing these creeps in action, watching the creeps watch the female pass by, makes me question our sociology.

I am not sure why it bothers me so much. I suppose their motives bother me, that I have a beautiful girlfriend and that she has no choice but to renounce this behavior, or that I see we are primates and these are our true instincts.

That we are hard wired genetically and neurologically and we cannot escape this reality to love and be physically attracted to good looking females, to power and fame.

Of course what the person looks like on the inside can make the individual more attractive. However how do we know what their like on the inside when we don't know them?

Looks are always first to be judged. That the nature of the beast as shallow as it may sound. Would you be with someone who is not attractive?

Yes everyone has their own taste, just as the title of this post suggests, and everyone has their idea of what makes a person attractive. However there are some women that the masses find attractive.

Another shallow thought, I find it interesting to note that many times a woman that is not so attractive would be found attractive from further away. Why is that?

I believe it is because when they are beyond what the eye can fully analyze the mind makes its own judgement and adds/filters what it believes will make the woman more attractive if she was standing next to you. Our mind fills in the gaps of what is missing in the equation.

We need to take notice here to how the mind works.

So what makes a woman attractive?

Physical appearance, clothing, posture, confidence, grooming. All these play a big part in a woman's level of attractiveness.

That can also tell us a bit about the woman's character. Her discipline, organization, health. Although it paints a tiny picture of what goes on the inside we don't know everything judging by the looks.

So is an attractive woman a good person? Not always, she can be self absorbed, obsessed, imprudent.

Why is it one sided? Why do women get more stares then man do? Are women not hard wired like men? Do they not have as much interest?

I guess being a guy and observing the extremism that goes on in our society I hold a biased belief. We can all agree that a good looking person is well good looking. Once you get to know the person that will change your perception.

Ill end on this note. To be the best version of you, be a good person inside and out and you will be the ultimate catch. Women ignore the creeps, there will always be people who just have, to put it nicely, an unsophisticated mentality. Men be mindful of how you look at women.

Education is the ultimate guide to solving all of our societal blunders. The smarter we are the better people we become inside and out, that goes for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. To be continued....

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