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The revelation of my practice, part 2.

Do I have more to say about my practice? Yes I do.


Where does my inspiration stem from?

As I have said before I read a great deal, and it has changed my life. Reading gives me a wider understanding of the english language. Writing allows me to put forth that understanding into practice.

Reading has given me a different view of the world. Putting myself in the author's shoes and seeing how they think.

It is important to note however that "I don't give up my core beliefs or decisions because I read something different in a book" quote from Peter Aceto. Meaning that If I read something contradictory to my beliefs in books, they will not change my core values. It does however strengthen the values I already possess.

I feel I am going a bit of topic here.

I always need inspiration to write. Reading does that for me, even though I would read something on a completely different subject ideas are triggered in my mind and the flow of writing begins.

Mark Manson said it best "you often use memories of the emotions you had at one point in time for the basis of the decisions you make at another point in time". Basically everything get's stored into the subconscious and it rises based on different actions we take.

A great deal of my inspiration also stems from conversations. Conversations that I have with friends, family, strangers, and myself. I get motivated when I come across a topic that is debatable, contextual, or augment.

Experience, adventures, memories, and my awareness from the world also influence the topics I choose to write about.

Research goes hand in hand with many of the topics that I feel are necessary to interpret.


Thesaurus has become my go to guide to compose appropriate conversation you and I have. Just this sentence alone I adopted 3 words from the thesaurus to revise the words I had chosen.

Everyone's writing style is diverse. Therefore not everyone will like my style of writing and I accept that. There will be people who do like my style of writing and I thank you (more on that below).

What I find intriguing is that the posts I think will generate the most views, actually don't and that posts that I don't love so much myself do.

It gives me a sense of appreciation that even though I put forth effort into every post some topics are just not things that my audience cares about, as my girlfriend would wisely say "each to their own".

I believe what I offer to you is pure honesty. I have not said anything that I have not experienced myself. I leave the bullshit behind and get right to the point. I don't need to write for the sake of making these posts extra long with a bunch of fillers. I hate fillers.

What I say I feel needs to be said and I end it at that. Why embellish? Now I know some of you won't like or agree with what I have to say, I applaud you for being you. My content may not make me look like a saint, but it is authentic and genuine.

It has taken me so long to compose this 2 part series posts because I wanted to give you,

Sometimes when I am just so overwhelmed with what I have to say I can't even believe the speed at which I can type. It surprises me. This sentence alone took me about 3 seconds to write, no exaggerations there, with 1 spelling error.

There are times when I stumble across topics, start writing the content erase it, then start all over again pondering how I can best get my message across.

When I complete my writing I feel it is the best that I have done up until that point. It should feel this way, and it probably is the best piece of writing I have done, until I write again and do better than my last piece. Progression.

Editing is not done right after I complete writing. I need time to renew so I give it a minimum of one hour, it can be a whole day before I edit the work. I do this to come with a fresh perspective. Otherwise when I edit right away I always come back and change things around after I publish the work. So I learn to give myself time.


So this is me. This is how I compose. This is how I do what I love. Would I have ever thought I would be doing this in thirty years. Certainly not.

Now this may feel like the gratitude part that you would give after receiving an award, so here it goes.

When I hear from people who like reading my posts, it is a major boost to my self confidence and it encourages me to keep writing. So I want to give the biggest THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me on my journey.

Thank you to my best friend who has given me invaluable advice from a marketer's perspective. Using cliffhangers to keep the audience wanting more.

I want to thank all my critics as well because without you I would not be able to look at my work from a different point of view and improve to become more widely accepted and liked.

Thank you to all the writers and everyone that has these conversations with me that inspire me to write.

This sounds like an ending, but it is only the beginning. A beginning to something great.

To be continued....

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