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Successful leadership demands passion

"I have a dream..."

Becoming an expert at a certain subject gives you confidence. Pretending to be one becomes a challenge.

Take notice when you talk about a subject you know really well and care about, you not only can speak with confidence, you actually speak with passion. The passion rises up from deep within you.

Passion is easily detectable. The tone of the voice changes, you become louder, excited. Your body posture becomes more dominant, you stand up straight, you look people right in their eye, you keep an open welcoming gesture.

Where am I going with this?

I have always been fascinated with leaders. What makes a good leader, and Simon Sinek expresses it well, leaders inspire people to take action. People who are inspired want to do something not because they are asked too but because they feel they need too. Take notice how I say need and not want.

People turn a want into a need when they feel inspired. Leaders are not only about inspiring people they also give. Genuinely they give without expecting anything in return.

The best leaders inspire us with their passion. The way they communicate the message is compelling. It is not an innate trait, it can be learned. Leaders don't have an ulterior motive, It is not a tit for tat, I do this for you and you do this for me. They are direct and most importantly they care.

Action of a leader will determine his influence.

Leaders have many traits I won't get into all of them in this post. What I do want to suggest is that good leaders teach to lead.

One can argue that leaders can also be manipulators. Look at figures such as Stalin, Hitler, Charles Manson, they all classify as leaders do they not? They inspired others to take action, through collective delusion. They were passionate about their cause, and they cared.

To add to this argument a leader does not only inspire others to take action but the people that are inspired, they tend inspire each other.

Let me clarify this for you.

Leaders are capable of inspiring a few followers with passion , and those followers aid in inspiring the rest. When you see a group of people doing something you find interest in you feel compelled to join the group.

I want to get into depth about this topic on my next post because I feel that it will be interesting to cover. I will raise various psychological studies on human behaviour to strengthen my argument.

How you become a leader is by practice, education, and mastery. When you become an expert in a certain field you can expand and convey with passion what you have learned thus making you credible and thus inspiring others to want to follow and learn from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. To be continued....

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