Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The parking lot conundrum

Leave earlier and you can avoid this.
I want to start of by saying that I don't have the best driving record. Yes I have had my license for 14 years. Yes I have driven a great deal since I always worked further from where I lived.

So with the information above one would assume that the more practice you get the better you become at something. Unfortunately that only works when you practice deliberately at something.

We tend to become comfortable, and develop bad habits. Now when you are constantly applying these bad habits you can guess where your skill level will be.

I take full responsibility for all my actions no matter how big or small they are. So let me tell you why I wanted to share this post with you.

First let me lay out what led up to what transpired.

I started going to school again. It is the end of the semester and we have a group project presentation due for class. We are first to present in this particular class. I live about 45 minutes from school.

Could I have left early to avoid being late? Yes of course.

So as I arrive into the parking lot at the university, I thought, well actually I wasn't thinking I was just doing. I drove 20 km faster than what the speed limit is in the parking lot. Well I am not sure if there is a speed limit in the parking lot, but common sense tells me there is.

I cut this person off who was driving a small truck once, then I sped up around the parking lot, and again I cut this person off to get into a parking spot.

Depending on the time you arrive at the school, if it is when class has started, than it is usually hard to find a parking spot. Well I was 10 minutes late to class just when I drove into the parking lot.

Now not realizing what I have done. This gentleman stopped his truck in the middle of the lane as soon as I parked my car, he got out of his truck and approached my window. He seemed very hostile and began to lecture me.

At this point my ego is flaring and I thought to myself who does this guy think he is approaching me and telling me how to drive. I did not say a word and just let him talk.

I did not know this but turns out this guy happens to be a youth leader who works with children outside of university, I found this out after I approached him for our second encounter.

After he left and parked his truck, I then began to process what had just transpired. I felt repugnant to my behaviour. How could I be so careless driving recklessly with the possibility of hitting other cars or worse a civilian.

With pure shame I got out of my vehicle. Looked around to see where this guy parked his vehicle. I then waited for him to walk towards me because that was the direction to the entrance of the school. He was shocked that I made a few steps towards him.

Now I am late by about 15 minutes to start the group presentation. I had all the materials for the group so the group could not start the presentation without me.

When I approached this gentleman to his surprise I said to him "you know what, you are absolutely right, my apology does not excuse me for my reckless driving. I apologize to you, most importantly I need to make myself be more aware of what I am doing and how my actions can cause someone to get badly injured."

He agreed with me naturally and we walked into the school together. On our walk he apologized as well for calling me names and being rude. I told him there was no need for that, but I did appreciate it.

I felt this situation could of got out of hand. But when you own up to your own mistakes and take responsibility the person who was a 'victim' will have a hard time to refuse to forgive you.

It is better to be late to something than to break the law, and possibly hurt someone in the process. No one can predict the future and we are not all perfect. Use your common sense, most importantly don't rush.

"Nature never rushes, yet everything get's done." - Donald L. Hicks
The point is, well there is two points.

1. Whether you rush or you don't you will get to your destination.

2. When you really genuinely and authentically apologize. And I mean really mean it. Not just saying you are sorry to someone, it is difficult for that person who is receiving the apology not to accept it.

Things that may seem random are not so random. Just because they cannot be explained at the moment the dots will connect in the future. After this encounter it possibly could have prevented any future accidents. Since now I drive more mindfully.

What you choose to do with this information is up to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

To be continued....

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