Friday, 26 February 2016

What you should know about communication

Is it hard for men to express emotions? for myself I feel that I have trouble speaking my true feelings to some people who are very important in my life, however it is much easier to the people who I feel will not pass judgement but instead encouragement and support.

We had a debate in my IDEA class about communication and overall majority expressed that men reveal there emotions more often then women do. I think that it doesn't matter about the gender for communicating, it depends on who you communicate with, and how strong your connection to the person you communicate with. Knowing what to say is not as important as to how you say it. This has been the trouble for me, and I have been told this numerous times that I sound 'sarcastic'. I guess I understand why that is, because most of our communication is non verbal. What I learned yesterday is that not only is our communication non verbal but it is also done through a bio-energetic field. We run on frequency's and if our frequency's are aligned we are capable of being in sync with one another. As my best friend put it "mind melding". 

Do you ever feel that sometimes when you think about someone all of the sudden you get a call from them or they communicate to you somehow. This happens to me more often then not, noticing it and not dismissing it as a pure coincidence is becoming in tune with yourself. 

To be continued....

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