Sunday, 28 February 2016

What makes you, you?

Our minds and our body go through constant changes. How do we recognize these changes? Only way is by being mindful of those changes. Am I talking about sitting and meditating for an hour a day, no not at all, just be self aware. Besides the obvious of learning and applying the learning we also change in our appearance, our preference, our goals, habits etc. How do we apply those changes to ourselves? As far as the habits and goals we can everything else is done for us by constantly adapting. The only thing we can do is realize and observe that the changes have taken place. To refer to myself, the transformation I have gone through is amazing in the last year. Before this last year I have never finished a book, the furthest I have gone is to the third chapter, now I read 3 books a week, 2 audio books and 1 hard copy.

Your probably wondering how I manage to have all this free time to read this much, I don't, and I will share with you in my future blogs the strategy I apply. I talked more then I listened. I made up my mind before considering the possible outcomes. I had a fixed mindset. One year ago I lacked the ability to see beyond the obvious, and I was selfish and narrow minded. I am proud of how I became the person I am today. This is due to all the books and blogs I read, I listen more and I am constantly in tune with myself and my surroundings. Did these changes occur over night, definitely not. Am I continually changing, of course, and so are you. I encourage you to recognize who and what shapes you to become who you are. To paraphrase Jim Rohn "you are the average of the 5 closest people you spend your time with". This is completely true, and I noticed myself the more I spend time with people the more of their traits I possess. So choose those friends wisely!

To be continued....

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