Wednesday, 24 February 2016

My five morning rituals which shape the person I am becoming

What is your morning ritual? We are creatures of habit and we all have rituals/habits. When you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night what do you do to better yourself? Do you sit there and watch t.v. (the news) and go to bed with negativity? Do you wake up in the morning and read the newspaper and drink your coffee to give you the morning boost? Many of us are unaware of these subtle habits that we do each and everyday because they are so automated. Habits are formed by actions, feelings and rewards (read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg). My habits I am aware of because I created them through consciousness. When I wake up in the morning what gets me going is knowing that I get to learn something new each and everyday. The first thing I do is yes open my eyes, and go over to greet my pets, they give me a sense of value and belonging. After the brief introduction I began reading, I read non fiction books every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. Reading is a form of meditating for me. It lets me get into the readers mind, and the facts and the lessons I take from the non-fiction books helps me in my everyday life. After about 30 minuets of reading I go on my computer and check my emails briefly, then if there is an interesting blog I would read that as well. The next habit I developed recently, (its true it takes time to develop habits, if you have a reward after your action then the habit tends to from quicker then the 21 day period that experts declare), blogging daily to reflect and get a deeper insight of myself. After I have posted the blog, I will jump into a cold shower, feels invigorating and gives me the boost that coffee gives most people ( I am not a coffee drinker), following that by walking my pets, feeding them, and getting the day started with work. The rewards I feel after my habits are:
Pets- Feeling valued, grateful
Reading- Feeling smarter, relaxed
Emails/Blog- Feeling a sense of accomplishment
Cold Shower- Feeling a boost and instant wake up
Walking/Feeding pets- something that I feel is necessary and cannot be altered
So I ask you the reader, to be self aware of your daily habits because they shape you to become who you are and who you will be.

To be continued....

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