Monday, 29 February 2016

4 simple steps that can change your day around

I find I am a morning person. It is 11:00 pm right now and writing a blog is proven to be much harder than doing it first thing in the morning. I would have thought that it would be easy because of all the experience through the day, but finding something interesting to write about is not as easy. It feels like I cant relax the mind to concentrate solely on the writing, instead my mind is racing with ideas and judgments. My morning habits I feel are on point, but my night habits I still need to work on. Today everything got thrown off with 2 of my pets being sick at 3:00 am. It definitely affected my whole day. Not being in control made me angry and miserable. What could I have done differently?

1. Realized that I am not in control of the external surroundings

2. Taken into consideration that I was making myself miserable (no one else can)

3. Handled the matter with a positive attitude

4. Smiled

Those 4 simple steps would have impacted how the rest of my day went.

To be continued....

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